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btVector3 Class Reference

#include <btVector3.h>

Inherited by btVector4.

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Detailed Description

btVector3 is 16byte aligned, and has an extra unused component m_w this extra component can be used by derived classes (Quaternion?) or by user

Definition at line 25 of file btVector3.h.

Public Member Functions

SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btVector3 absolute () const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btScalar angle (const btVector3 &v) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btVector3 (const btScalar &x, const btScalar &y, const btScalar &z)
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE int closestAxis () const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btVector3 cross (const btVector3 &v) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btScalar distance (const btVector3 &v) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btScalar distance2 (const btVector3 &v) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btScalar dot (const btVector3 &v) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE int furthestAxis () const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btScalar length () const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btScalar length2 () const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btVector3 lerp (const btVector3 &v, const btScalar &t) const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE int maxAxis () const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE int minAxis () const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btVector3normalize ()
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btVector3 normalized () const
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btVector3operator*= (const btVector3 &v)
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btVector3operator*= (const btScalar &s)
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btVector3operator+= (const btVector3 &v)
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btVector3operator-= (const btVector3 &v)
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btVector3operator/= (const btScalar &s)
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btVector3 rotate (const btVector3 &wAxis, const btScalar angle)
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE void setInterpolate3 (const btVector3 &v0, const btVector3 &v1, btScalar rt)
SIMD_FORCE_INLINE btScalar triple (const btVector3 &v1, const btVector3 &v2) const

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