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bool FTFont::FaceSize ( const unsigned int  size,
const unsigned int  res = 72 
) [virtual, inherited]

Set the char size for the current face.

size the face size in points (1/72 inch)
res the resolution of the target device.
true if size was set correctly

Reimplemented in FTGLTextureFont.

Definition at line 67 of file FTFont.cpp.

References FTFont::charSize, FTFace::Error(), FTFont::face, FTFont::glyphList, and FTFace::Size().

    charSize = face.Size( size, res);
    if( face.Error())
        return false;
    if( glyphList != NULL)
        delete glyphList;
    glyphList = new FTGlyphContainer( &face);
    return true;

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