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    Copyright (C) 2001-2002 Michael Niedermayer (michaelni@gmx.at)

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA

 * @file postprocess_internal.h
 * internal api header.

#define V_DEBLOCK       0x01
#define H_DEBLOCK       0x02
#define DERING          0x04
00027 #define LEVEL_FIX       0x08 ///< Brightness & Contrast

#define LUM_V_DEBLOCK   V_DEBLOCK               //   1
#define LUM_H_DEBLOCK   H_DEBLOCK               //   2
#define CHROM_V_DEBLOCK (V_DEBLOCK<<4)          //  16
#define CHROM_H_DEBLOCK (H_DEBLOCK<<4)          //  32
#define LUM_DERING      DERING                  //   4
#define CHROM_DERING    (DERING<<4)             //  64
#define LUM_LEVEL_FIX   LEVEL_FIX               //   8
#define CHROM_LEVEL_FIX (LEVEL_FIX<<4)          // 128 (not implemented yet)

// Experimental vertical filters
#define V_X1_FILTER     0x0200                  // 512
#define V_A_DEBLOCK     0x0400

// Experimental horizontal filters
#define H_X1_FILTER     0x2000                  // 8192
#define H_A_DEBLOCK     0x4000

/// select between full y range (255-0) or standart one (234-16)
00047 #define FULL_Y_RANGE    0x8000                  // 32768

//Deinterlacing Filters
#define        LINEAR_IPOL_DEINT_FILTER         0x10000 // 65536
#define        LINEAR_BLEND_DEINT_FILTER        0x20000 // 131072
#define        CUBIC_BLEND_DEINT_FILTER         0x8000  // (not implemented yet)
#define        CUBIC_IPOL_DEINT_FILTER          0x40000 // 262144
#define        MEDIAN_DEINT_FILTER              0x80000 // 524288
#define        FFMPEG_DEINT_FILTER              0x400000
#define        LOWPASS5_DEINT_FILTER            0x800000

#define TEMP_NOISE_FILTER               0x100000
#define FORCE_QUANT                     0x200000

//use if u want a faster postprocessing code
//cant differentiate between chroma & luma filters (both on or both off)
//obviosly the -pp option at the commandline has no effect except turning the here selected
//filters on
//#define COMPILE_TIME_MODE 0x77

#if 1
static inline int CLIP(int a){
        if(a&256) return ((a)>>31)^(-1);
        else      return a;
//#define CLIP(a) (((a)&256) ? ((a)>>31)^(-1) : (a))
#elif 0
#define CLIP(a) clip_tab[a]
#define CLIP(a) (a)
 * Postprocessng filter.
00081 struct PPFilter{
        char *shortName;
        char *longName;
00084         int chromDefault;       ///< is chrominance filtering on by default if this filter is manually activated
00085         int minLumQuality;      ///< minimum quality to turn luminance filtering on
00086         int minChromQuality;    ///< minimum quality to turn chrominance filtering on
00087         int mask;               ///< Bitmask to turn this filter on

 * Postprocessng mode.
00093 typedef struct PPMode{
00094         int lumMode;                    ///< acivates filters for luminance
00095         int chromMode;                  ///< acivates filters for chrominance
00096         int error;                      ///< non zero on error

00098         int minAllowedY;                ///< for brigtness correction
00099         int maxAllowedY;                ///< for brihtness correction
00100         float maxClippedThreshold;      ///< amount of "black" u r willing to loose to get a brightness corrected picture

00102         int maxTmpNoise[3];             ///< for Temporal Noise Reducing filter (Maximal sum of abs differences)

        int baseDcDiff;
        int flatnessThreshold;

00107         int forcedQuant;                ///< quantizer if FORCE_QUANT is used
} PPMode;

 * postprocess context.
00113 typedef struct PPContext{
00114         uint8_t *tempBlocks; ///<used for the horizontal code

         * luma histogram.
         * we need 64bit here otherwise we'll going to have a problem
         * after watching a black picture for 5 hours
00121         uint64_t *yHistogram;

        uint64_t __attribute__((aligned(8))) packedYOffset;
        uint64_t __attribute__((aligned(8))) packedYScale;

        /** Temporal noise reducing buffers */
00127         uint8_t *tempBlured[3];
        int32_t *tempBluredPast[3];

        /** Temporary buffers for handling the last row(s) */
00131         uint8_t *tempDst;
        uint8_t *tempSrc;

        uint8_t *deintTemp;

        uint64_t __attribute__((aligned(8))) pQPb;
        uint64_t __attribute__((aligned(8))) pQPb2;

        uint64_t __attribute__((aligned(8))) mmxDcOffset[64];
        uint64_t __attribute__((aligned(8))) mmxDcThreshold[64];

00142         QP_STORE_T *stdQPTable;       ///< used to fix MPEG2 style qscale
        QP_STORE_T *nonBQPTable;
        QP_STORE_T *forcedQPTable;

        int QP;
        int nonBQP;

        int frameNum;

        int cpuCaps;

00153         int qpStride; ///<size of qp buffers (needed to realloc them if needed)
00154         int stride;   ///<size of some buffers (needed to realloc them if needed)

        int hChromaSubSample;
        int vChromaSubSample;

        PPMode ppMode;
} PPContext;

static inline void linecpy(void *dest, void *src, int lines, int stride)
        if (stride > 0) {
                memcpy(dest, src, lines*stride);
        } else {
                memcpy(dest+(lines-1)*stride, src+(lines-1)*stride, -lines*stride);

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