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near_all_po Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Because Blender src does not put character strings in function "_", the GETTEXT application can not strip out the strings.

This script writes almost all of the msgids into PO file in a clean structure. Thus we can translate it easily.

To custom your script, roll down till "if __name__=='__main__'"

Note, if a string is stored in a variant, no program knows and then write it's value to PO file. So we always have to search the unfound msgid manually.

If anybody find a bug, or knows how to use re module to search and strip out  the strings, please let me know. Thanx.

Copyright: iced oyster< http://blender.blogchina.com > 2005
You can use this program freely, but CANNOT claim that you is the author.


def genpo
def split_blender_str


string blender_src_path = r'.'
int debug_po = 0
tuple fout = open('almost_all.po','w')

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