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msmpeg4.c File Reference

Detailed Description

MSMPEG4 backend for ffmpeg encoder and decoder.

Definition in file msmpeg4.c.

#include "avcodec.h"
#include "dsputil.h"
#include "mpegvideo.h"
#include "msmpeg4data.h"
#include "wmv2.c"

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#define CBPY_VLC_BITS   6
#define DC_MAX   119
#define DC_VLC_BITS   9
#define II_BITRATE   128*1024
#define MB_INTRA_VLC_BITS   9
#define MBAC_BITRATE   50*1024
#define MV_VLC_BITS   9
#define set_stat(var)
#define TEX_VLC_BITS   9
#define V1_INTER_CBPC_VLC_BITS   6
#define V1_INTRA_CBPC_VLC_BITS   6
#define V2_INTRA_CBPC_VLC_BITS   3
#define V2_MB_TYPE_VLC_BITS   7
#define V2_MV_VLC_BITS   9


static int coded_block_pred (MpegEncContext *s, int n, uint8_t **coded_block_ptr)
static void common_init (MpegEncContext *s)
int ff_msmpeg4_decode_init (MpegEncContext *s)
static int get_dc (uint8_t *src, int stride, int scale)
static void init_h263_dc_for_msmpeg4 (void)
static int msmpeg4_decode_block (MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM *block, int n, int coded, const uint8_t *scantable)
static int msmpeg4_decode_dc (MpegEncContext *s, int n, int *dir_ptr)
int msmpeg4_decode_ext_header (MpegEncContext *s, int buf_size)
static int msmpeg4_decode_motion (MpegEncContext *s, int *mx_ptr, int *my_ptr)
int msmpeg4_decode_picture_header (MpegEncContext *s)
static void msmpeg4_encode_block (MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM *block, int n)
static void msmpeg4_encode_dc (MpegEncContext *s, int level, int n, int *dir_ptr)
static void msmpeg4_memsetw (short *tab, int val, int n)
static int msmpeg4_pred_dc (MpegEncContext *s, int n, uint16_t **dc_val_ptr, int *dir_ptr)
static int msmpeg4v12_decode_mb (MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM block[6][64])
static int msmpeg4v1_pred_dc (MpegEncContext *s, int n, int32_t **dc_val_ptr)
static int msmpeg4v2_decode_motion (MpegEncContext *s, int pred, int f_code)
static void msmpeg4v2_encode_motion (MpegEncContext *s, int val)
static int msmpeg4v34_decode_mb (MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM block[6][64])
static int wmv2_decode_mb (MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM block[6][64])


static VLC cbpy_vlc
VLC ff_msmp4_dc_chroma_vlc [2]
VLC ff_msmp4_dc_luma_vlc [2]
VLC ff_msmp4_mb_i_vlc
static VLC inter_intra_vlc
static VLC mb_non_intra_vlc [4]
static VLC v1_inter_cbpc_vlc
static VLC v1_intra_cbpc_vlc
static uint32_t v2_dc_chroma_table [512][2]
static VLC v2_dc_chroma_vlc
static uint32_t v2_dc_lum_table [512][2]
static VLC v2_dc_lum_vlc
static VLC v2_intra_cbpc_vlc
static VLC v2_mb_type_vlc
static VLC v2_mv_vlc
uint8_t wmv3_dc_scale_table [32]

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