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mpegaudiotab.h File Reference

Detailed Description

mpeg audio layer 2 tables. Most of them come from the mpeg audio specification.

Definition in file mpegaudiotab.h.

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#define SQRT2   1.41421356237309514547


static const int bitinv32 [32]
static const int costab32 [30]
static int16_t filter_bank [512]
static const float fixed_smr [SBLIMIT]
static const unsigned char nb_scale_factors [4] = { 3, 2, 1, 2 }
static const unsigned short quant_snr [17]
static unsigned char scale_diff_table [128]
static unsigned short scale_factor_mult [64]
static int8_t scale_factor_shift [64]
static int scale_factor_table [64]
static unsigned short total_quant_bits [17]

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