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jpeg_ls.c File Reference

Detailed Description

JPEG-LS encoder and decoder.

Definition in file jpeg_ls.c.

#include "golomb.h"

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struct  JLSState
struct  JpeglsContext


static int decode_lse (MJpegDecodeContext *s)
static int iso_clip (int v, int vmin, int vmax)
static void ls_decode_line (JLSState *state, MJpegDecodeContext *s, uint8_t *last, uint8_t *dst, int last2, int w, int stride, int comp)
static int ls_decode_picture (MJpegDecodeContext *s, int near, int point_transform, int ilv)
static int ls_get_code_regular (GetBitContext *gb, JLSState *state, int Q)
static int ls_get_code_runterm (GetBitContext *gb, JLSState *state, int RItype, int limit_add)
static void ls_init_state (JLSState *state)
static int quantize (JLSState *s, int v)
static void reset_ls_coding_parameters (JLSState *s, int reset_all)


static const uint8_t log2_run [32]

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