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h261data.h File Reference

Detailed Description

H.261 tables.

Definition in file h261data.h.

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#define MB_TYPE_H261_FIL   0x800000


const uint8_t h261_cbp_tab [63][2]
const uint8_t h261_mba_bits [35]
const uint8_t h261_mba_code [35]
const uint8_t h261_mtype_bits [10]
const uint8_t h261_mtype_code [10]
static const int h261_mtype_map [10]
const uint8_t h261_mv_tab [17][2]
static RLTable h261_rl_tcoeff
const int8_t h261_tcoeff_level [64]
const int8_t h261_tcoeff_run [64]
const uint16_t h261_tcoeff_vlc [65][2]
static const int mvmap [17]

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