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dsputil.h File Reference

Detailed Description

DSP utils. note, many functions in here may use MMX which trashes the FPU state, it is absolutely necessary to call emms_c() between dsp & float/double code

Definition in file dsputil.h.

#include "common.h"
#include "avcodec.h"

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struct  DSPContext
struct  FFTComplex
struct  FFTContext
struct  MDCTContext


#define BASIS_SHIFT   16
#define BYTE_VEC32(c)   ((c)*0x01010101UL)
#define CALL_2X_PIXELS(a, b, n)
#define DECLARE_ALIGNED_16(t, v)   __declspec(align(16)) t v
#define DECLARE_ALIGNED_8(t, v)   t v __attribute__ ((aligned (8)))
#define DEF_OLD_QPEL(name)
#define emms_c()
#define FF_NO_IDCT_PERM   1
#define LD16(a)   (*((uint16_t*)(a)))
#define LD32(a)   (*((uint32_t*)(a)))
#define LD64(a)   (*((uint64_t*)(a)))
#define MAX_NEG_CROP   1024
#define RECON_SHIFT   6
#define ST16(a, b)   *((uint16_t*)(a)) = (b)
#define ST32(a, b)   *((uint32_t*)(a)) = (b)
#define STRIDE_ALIGN   8
#define WARPER8_16(name8, name16)
#define WARPER8_16_SQ(name8, name16)


typedef short DCTELEM
typedef int DWTELEM
typedef float FFTSample
typedef void(* h264_biweight_func )(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src, int stride, int log2_denom, int weightd, int weights, int offset)
typedef void(* h264_chroma_mc_func )(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src, int srcStride, int h, int x, int y)
typedef void(* h264_weight_func )(uint8_t *block, int stride, int log2_denom, int weight, int offset)
typedef int(* me_cmp_func )(void *s, uint8_t *blk1, uint8_t *blk2, int line_size, int h)
typedef void(* op_pixels_func )(uint8_t *block, const uint8_t *pixels, int line_size, int h)
typedef void(* qpel_mc_func )(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src, int stride)
typedef struct slice_buffer_s slice_buffer
typedef void(* tpel_mc_func )(uint8_t *block, const uint8_t *pixels, int line_size, int w, int h)


void dsputil_init (DSPContext *p, AVCodecContext *avctx)
void dsputil_static_init (void)
void fdct_ifast (DCTELEM *data)
void fdct_ifast248 (DCTELEM *data)
void ff_block_permute (DCTELEM *block, uint8_t *permutation, const uint8_t *scantable, int last)
void ff_fdct248_islow (DCTELEM *data)
void ff_fdct_mmx (DCTELEM *block)
void ff_fdct_mmx2 (DCTELEM *block)
void ff_fdct_sse2 (DCTELEM *block)
static void ff_fft_calc (FFTContext *s, FFTComplex *z)
void ff_fft_calc_3dn (FFTContext *s, FFTComplex *z)
void ff_fft_calc_3dn2 (FFTContext *s, FFTComplex *z)
void ff_fft_calc_altivec (FFTContext *s, FFTComplex *z)
void ff_fft_calc_c (FFTContext *s, FFTComplex *z)
void ff_fft_calc_sse (FFTContext *s, FFTComplex *z)
void ff_fft_end (FFTContext *s)
int ff_fft_init (FFTContext *s, int nbits, int inverse)
void ff_fft_permute (FFTContext *s, FFTComplex *z)
void ff_gmc_c (uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src, int stride, int h, int ox, int oy, int dxx, int dxy, int dyx, int dyy, int shift, int r, int width, int height)
void ff_h264_idct8_add_c (uint8_t *dst, DCTELEM *block, int stride)
void ff_h264_idct8_dc_add_c (uint8_t *dst, DCTELEM *block, int stride)
void ff_h264_idct_add_c (uint8_t *dst, DCTELEM *block, int stride)
void ff_h264_idct_dc_add_c (uint8_t *dst, DCTELEM *block, int stride)
void ff_h264_lowres_idct_add_c (uint8_t *dst, int stride, DCTELEM *block)
void ff_h264_lowres_idct_put_c (uint8_t *dst, int stride, DCTELEM *block)
void ff_imdct_calc (MDCTContext *s, FFTSample *output, const FFTSample *input, FFTSample *tmp)
void ff_img_copy_plane (uint8_t *dst, int dst_wrap, const uint8_t *src, int src_wrap, int width, int height)
void ff_jpeg_fdct_islow (DCTELEM *data)
void ff_mdct_calc (MDCTContext *s, FFTSample *out, const FFTSample *input, FFTSample *tmp)
void ff_mdct_end (MDCTContext *s)
int ff_mdct_init (MDCTContext *s, int nbits, int inverse)
void ff_set_cmp (DSPContext *c, me_cmp_func *cmp, int type)
void ff_shrink22 (uint8_t *dst, int dst_wrap, const uint8_t *src, int src_wrap, int width, int height)
void ff_shrink44 (uint8_t *dst, int dst_wrap, const uint8_t *src, int src_wrap, int width, int height)
void ff_shrink88 (uint8_t *dst, int dst_wrap, const uint8_t *src, int src_wrap, int width, int height)
void ff_vp3_idct_add_c (uint8_t *dest, int line_size, DCTELEM *block)
void ff_vp3_idct_c (DCTELEM *block)
void ff_vp3_idct_put_c (uint8_t *dest, int line_size, DCTELEM *block)
static int get_penalty_factor (int lambda, int lambda2, int type)
void get_psnr (uint8_t *orig_image[3], uint8_t *coded_image[3], int orig_linesize[3], int coded_linesize, AVCodecContext *avctx)
void j_rev_dct (DCTELEM *data)
void j_rev_dct1 (DCTELEM *data)
void j_rev_dct2 (DCTELEM *data)
void j_rev_dct4 (DCTELEM *data)
int mm_support (void)
static uint32_t no_rnd_avg32 (uint32_t a, uint32_t b)
static uint32_t rnd_avg32 (uint32_t a, uint32_t b)


uint8_t cropTbl [256+2 *MAX_NEG_CROP]
const uint8_t ff_alternate_horizontal_scan [64]
const uint8_t ff_alternate_vertical_scan [64]
const uint8_t ff_zigzag248_direct [64]
const uint8_t ff_zigzag_direct [64]
uint32_t squareTbl [512]

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