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btPolyhedralConvexShape Class Reference

#include <btPolyhedralConvexShape.h>

Inheritance diagram for btPolyhedralConvexShape:

btConvexShape btCollisionShape btBoxShape btBU_Simplex1to4 btConvexHullShape btConvexTriangleMeshShape btCylinderShape

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Detailed Description

PolyhedralConvexShape is an interface class for feature based (vertex/edge/face) convex shapes.

Definition at line 25 of file btPolyhedralConvexShape.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void batchedUnitVectorGetSupportingVertexWithoutMargin (const btVector3 *vectors, btVector3 *supportVerticesOut, int numVectors) const
virtual void calculateLocalInertia (btScalar mass, btVector3 &inertia)
void calculateTemporalAabb (const btTransform &curTrans, const btVector3 &linvel, const btVector3 &angvel, btScalar timeStep, btVector3 &temporalAabbMin, btVector3 &temporalAabbMax)
void getAabb (const btTransform &t, btVector3 &aabbMin, btVector3 &aabbMax) const
 getAabb's default implementation is brute force, expected derived classes to implement a fast dedicated version
virtual void getAabbSlow (const btTransform &t, btVector3 &aabbMin, btVector3 &aabbMax) const
virtual float getAngularMotionDisc () const
 getAngularMotionDisc returns the maximus radius needed for Conservative Advancement to handle time-of-impact with rotations.
virtual void getBoundingSphere (btVector3 &center, btScalar &radius) const
virtual void getEdge (int i, btPoint3 &pa, btPoint3 &pb) const =0
const char * getExtraDebugInfo () const
const btVector3getImplicitShapeDimensions () const
virtual const btVector3getLocalScaling () const
virtual float getMargin () const
virtual char * getName () const =0
virtual int getNumEdges () const =0
virtual int getNumPlanes () const =0
virtual int getNumPreferredPenetrationDirections () const
virtual int getNumVertices () const =0
virtual void getPlane (btVector3 &planeNormal, btPoint3 &planeSupport, int i) const =0
virtual void getPreferredPenetrationDirection (int index, btVector3 &penetrationVector) const
virtual int getShapeType () const =0
virtual void getVertex (int i, btPoint3 &vtx) const =0
bool isCompound () const
bool isConcave () const
bool isConvex () const
bool isInfinite () const
 isInfinite is used to catch simulation error (aabb check)
virtual bool isInside (const btPoint3 &pt, btScalar tolerance) const =0
bool isPolyhedral () const
virtual btVector3 localGetSupportingVertex (const btVector3 &vec) const
virtual btVector3 localGetSupportingVertexWithoutMargin (const btVector3 &vec) const
void setExtraDebugInfo (const char *extraDebugInfo)
virtual void setLocalScaling (const btVector3 &scaling)
virtual void setMargin (float margin)

Public Attributes

class Hull * m_optionalHull
 optional Hull is for optional Separating Axis Test Hull collision detection, see Hull.cpp
const char * m_tempDebug

Protected Attributes

btScalar m_collisionMargin
btVector3 m_implicitShapeDimensions
btVector3 m_localScaling

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