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FTFont Class Reference

#include <FTFont.h>

Inheritance diagram for FTFont:

FTGLBitmapFont FTGLBufferFont FTGLExtrdFont FTGLOutlineFont FTGLPixmapFont FTGLPolygonFont FTGLTextureFont

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Detailed Description

FTFont is the public interface for the FTGL library.

Specific font classes are derived from this class. It uses the helper classes FTFace and FTSize to access the Freetype library. This class is abstract and deriving classes must implement the protected MakeGlyph function to create glyphs of the appropriate type.

It is good practice after using these functions to test the error code returned. FT_Error Error()

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Definition at line 31 of file FTFont.h.

Public Member Functions

float Advance (const char *string)
float Advance (const wchar_t *string)
float Ascender () const
bool Attach (const unsigned char *pBufferBytes, size_t bufferSizeInBytes)
bool Attach (const char *filename)
void BBox (const wchar_t *string, float &llx, float &lly, float &llz, float &urx, float &ury, float &urz)
void BBox (const char *string, float &llx, float &lly, float &llz, float &urx, float &ury, float &urz)
bool CharMap (FT_Encoding encoding)
unsigned int CharMapCount ()
FT_Encoding * CharMapList ()
virtual void Depth (float d)
float Descender () const
FT_Error Error () const
unsigned int FaceSize () const
virtual bool FaceSize (const unsigned int size, const unsigned int res=72)
 FTFont (const unsigned char *pBufferBytes, size_t bufferSizeInBytes)
 FTFont (const char *fontname)
virtual void Render (const wchar_t *string)
virtual void Render (const char *string)
virtual ~FTFont ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual FTGlyphMakeGlyph (unsigned int g)=0

Protected Attributes

FTSize charSize
FT_Error err
FTFace face

Private Member Functions

void CheckGlyph (const unsigned int chr)
void DoRender (const unsigned int chr, const unsigned int nextChr)

Private Attributes

FTPoint pen

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