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///btDefaultMotionState provides a common implementation to synchronize world transforms with offsets
00005 struct      btDefaultMotionState : public btMotionState
      btTransform m_graphicsWorldTrans;
      btTransform m_centerOfMassOffset;
      btTransform m_startWorldTrans;
      void*       m_userPointer;

      btDefaultMotionState(const btTransform& startTrans = btTransform::getIdentity(),const btTransform& centerOfMassOffset = btTransform::getIdentity())
            : m_graphicsWorldTrans(startTrans),


      ///synchronizes world transform from user to physics
00022       virtual void      getWorldTransform(btTransform& centerOfMassWorldTrans ) const 
                  centerOfMassWorldTrans =      m_centerOfMassOffset.inverse() * m_graphicsWorldTrans ;

      ///synchronizes world transform from physics to user
      ///Bullet only calls the update of worldtransform for active objects
00029       virtual void      setWorldTransform(const btTransform& centerOfMassWorldTrans)
                  m_graphicsWorldTrans = centerOfMassWorldTrans * m_centerOfMassOffset ;

      ///Bullet gives a callback for objects that are about to be deactivated (put asleep)
      /// You can intercept this callback for your own bookkeeping. 
      ///Also you can return false to disable deactivation for this object this frame.
00037       virtual bool deactivationCallback(void*   userPointer) {
            return true;



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