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int avpicture_alloc ( AVPicture picture,
int  pix_fmt,
int  width,
int  height 

Allocate memory for a picture. Call avpicture_free to free it.

picture the picture to be filled in.
pix_fmt the format of the picture.
width the width of the picture.
height the height of the picture.
0 if successful, -1 if not.

Definition at line 1944 of file imgconvert.c.

References av_malloc().

    int size;
    void *ptr;

    size = avpicture_get_size(pix_fmt, width, height);
        goto fail;
    ptr = av_malloc(size);
    if (!ptr)
        goto fail;
    avpicture_fill(picture, ptr, pix_fmt, width, height);
    return 0;
    memset(picture, 0, sizeof(AVPicture));
    return -1;

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