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ac3tab.h File Reference

Detailed Description

tables taken directly from AC3 spec.

Definition in file ac3tab.h.

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static const uint16_t ac3_bitratetab [19]
static const uint16_t ac3_freqs [3] = { 48000, 44100, 32000 }
static const int16_t ac3_window [256]
static const uint8_t baptab [64]
static const uint8_t bndsz [50]
static uint8_t bndtab [51]
static int16_t costab [64]
static const uint16_t dbkneetab [4]
static const uint8_t fdecaytab [4]
static int16_t fft_rev [512]
static const uint16_t fgaintab [8]
static const uint16_t floortab [8]
static const uint16_t hth [50][3]
static const uint8_t latab [260]
static uint8_t masktab [253]
static const uint8_t sdecaytab [4]
static const uint16_t sgaintab [4]
static int16_t sintab [64]
static int16_t xcos1 [128]
static int16_t xsin1 [128]

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