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ac3.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Common code between AC3 encoder and decoder.

Definition in file ac3.h.

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struct  AC3BitAllocParameters


#define AC3_FRAME_SIZE   (NB_BLOCKS * 256)
#define AC3_MAX_CHANNELS   6
#define AC3_MAX_CODED_FRAME_SIZE   3840
#define EXP_D15   1
#define EXP_D25   2
#define EXP_D45   3
#define EXP_NEW   1
#define EXP_REUSE   0
#define NB_BLOCKS   6


void ac3_common_init (void)
void ac3_parametric_bit_allocation (AC3BitAllocParameters *s, uint8_t *bap, int8_t *exp, int start, int end, int snroffset, int fgain, int is_lfe, int deltbae, int deltnseg, uint8_t *deltoffst, uint8_t *deltlen, uint8_t *deltba)

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