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Picture Struct Reference

#include <mpegvideo.h>

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 145 of file mpegvideo.h.

Public Attributes

int b_frame_score
int field_poc [2]
 h264 top/bottom POC
int frame_num
 h264 frame_num
FF_COMMON_FRAME uint8_t * interpolated [3]
int long_ref
 1->long term reference 0->short term reference
int32_t * mb_cmp_score
 Table for MB cmp scores, for mb decision FIXME remove.
uint8_t * mb_mean
 Table for MB luminance.
uint32_t * mb_type_base
uint16_t * mb_var
 Table for MB variances.
int mb_var_sum
 sum of MB variance for current frame
uint16_t * mc_mb_var
 Table for motion compensated MB variances.
int mc_mb_var_sum
 motion compensated MB variance for current frame
int16_t(*[2] motion_val_base )[2]
int pic_id
 h264 pic_num or long_term_pic_idx
int poc
 h264 frame POC
int ref_count [2]
 number of entries in ref_poc
int ref_poc [2][16]
 h264 POCs of the frames used as reference

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