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H264Context Struct Reference

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 162 of file h264.c.

Public Member Functions

 DECLARE_ALIGNED_8 (int16_t, mvd_cache[2][5 *8][2])
 DECLARE_ALIGNED_8 (int8_t, ref_cache[2][5 *8])
 DECLARE_ALIGNED_8 (int16_t, mv_cache[2][5 *8][2])
 DECLARE_ALIGNED_8 (uint8_t, non_zero_count_cache[6 *8])

Public Attributes

int b8_stride
int b_stride
int block_offset [2 *(16+8)]
CABACContext cabac
int cabac_init_idc
uint8_t cabac_state [460]
uint16_t * cbp_table
int chroma_log2_weight_denom
int chroma_offset [2][48][2]
int chroma_pred_mode
uint8_t * chroma_pred_mode_table
int chroma_qp
int chroma_weight [2][48][2]
int curr_pic_num
int deblocking_filter
 disable_deblocking_filter_idc with 1<->0
Picture default_ref_list [2][32]
Picturedelayed_pic [16]
int delta_poc [2]
int delta_poc_bottom
uint32_t dequant4_buffer [6][52][16]
uint32_t(*[6] dequant4_coeff )[16]
uint32_t dequant8_buffer [2][52][64]
uint32_t(*[2] dequant8_coeff )[64]
int dequant_coeff_pps
 reinit tables when pps changes
uint8_t direct_cache [5 *8]
int direct_spatial_mv_pred
uint8_t * direct_table
int dist_scale_factor [16]
int dist_scale_factor_field [32]
int emu_edge_height
int emu_edge_width
uint8_t field_scan [16]
uint8_t field_scan8x8 [64]
uint8_t field_scan8x8_cavlc [64]
const uint8_t * field_scan8x8_cavlc_q0
const uint8_t * field_scan8x8_q0
const uint8_t * field_scan_q0
int frame_num
int frame_num_offset
 for POC type 2
int got_avcC
 flag used to parse avcC data only once
int halfpel_flag
int implicit_weight [48][48]
GetBitContext inter_gb
GetBitContext * inter_gb_ptr
int intra16x16_pred_mode
int8_t(* intra4x4_pred_mode )[8]
int8_t intra4x4_pred_mode_cache [5 *8]
GetBitContext intra_gb
GetBitContext * intra_gb_ptr
int is_avc
 this flag is != 0 if codec is avc1
int last_qscale_diff
uint8_t left_border [2 *(17+2 *9)]
int left_cbp
int left_mb_xy [2]
unsigned int left_samples_available
Picturelong_ref [32]
int long_ref_count
 number of actual long term references
int luma_log2_weight_denom
int luma_offset [2][48]
int luma_weight [2][48]
int map_col_to_list0 [2][16]
int map_col_to_list0_field [2][32]
int max_pic_num
uint32_t * mb2b8_xy
uint32_t * mb2b_xy
int mb_aff_frame
int mb_field_decoding_flag
int mb_linesize
 may be equal to s->linesize or s->linesize*2, for mbaff
int mb_mbaff
 mb_aff_frame && mb_field_decoding_flag
int mb_uvlinesize
int mmco_index
int mv_cache_clean [2]
int16_t(*[2] mvd_table )[2]
int nal_length_size
 Number of bytes used for nal length (1, 2 or 4).
int nal_ref_idc
int nal_unit_type
int neighbor_transform_size
int next_mb_skipped
int next_slice_index
uint8_t(* non_zero_count )[16]
int poc_lsb
int poc_msb
PPS pps
PPS pps_buffer [MAX_PPS_COUNT]
void(* pred16x16 [4+3])(uint8_t *src, int stride)
void(* pred4x4 [9+3])(uint8_t *src, uint8_t *topright, int stride)
void(* pred8x8 [4+3])(uint8_t *src, int stride)
void(* pred8x8l [9+3])(uint8_t *src, int topleft, int topright, int stride)
int prev_frame_num
 frame_num of the last pic for POC type 1/2
int prev_frame_num_offset
 for POC type 2
int prev_mb_skipped
int prev_poc_lsb
 poc_lsb of the last reference pic for POC type 0
int prev_poc_msb
 poc_msb of the last reference pic for POC type 0
uint8_t * rbsp_buffer
unsigned int rbsp_buffer_size
int redundant_pic_count
int ref_count [2]
 counts frames or fields, depending on current mb mode
Picture ref_list [2][48]
 0..15: frame refs, 16..47: mbaff field refs
MpegEncContext s
Pictureshort_ref [32]
int short_ref_count
 number of actual short term references
int slice_alpha_c0_offset
int slice_beta_offset
int slice_num
uint8_t * slice_table
 slice_table_base + 2*mb_stride + 1
uint8_t * slice_table_base
int slice_type
int slice_type_fixed
SPS sps
 current sps
SPS sps_buffer [MAX_SPS_COUNT]
int sub_mb_type [4]
int thirdpel_flag
uint8_t(*[2] top_borders )[16+2 *8]
int top_cbp
int top_mb_xy
unsigned int top_samples_available
unsigned int topleft_samples_available
unsigned int topright_samples_available
int unknown_svq3_flag
int use_weight
int use_weight_chroma
int x264_build
uint8_t zigzag_scan [16]
uint8_t zigzag_scan8x8 [64]
uint8_t zigzag_scan8x8_cavlc [64]
const uint8_t * zigzag_scan8x8_cavlc_q0
const uint8_t * zigzag_scan8x8_q0
const uint8_t * zigzag_scan_q0

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