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static void mono_decode ( COOKContext *  q,
float *  mlt_buffer 
) [static]

function for decoding mono data

q pointer to the COOKContext
mlt_buffer1 pointer to left channel mlt coefficients
mlt_buffer2 pointer to right channel mlt coefficients

Definition at line 689 of file cook.c.

References categorize(), decode_envelope(), decode_vectors(), dequant_envelope(), and expand_category().

Referenced by decode_subpacket(), and joint_decode().


    int category_index[128];
    float quant_value_table[102];
    int quant_index_table[102];
    int category[128];

    memset(&category, 0, 128*sizeof(int));
    memset(&quant_value_table, 0, 102*sizeof(int));
    memset(&category_index, 0, 128*sizeof(int));

    decode_envelope(q, quant_index_table);
    q->num_vectors = get_bits(&q->gb,q->log2_numvector_size);
    dequant_envelope(q, quant_index_table, quant_value_table);
    categorize(q, quant_index_table, category, category_index);
    expand_category(q, category, category_index);
    decode_vectors(q, category, quant_value_table, mlt_buffer);

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