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FTGlyph * FTGLExtrdFont::MakeGlyph ( unsigned int  glyphIndex  )  [inline, private, virtual]

Construct a FTPolyGlyph.

glyphIndex The glyph index NOT the char code.
An FTExtrdGlyph or null on failure.

Implements FTFont.

Definition at line 21 of file FTGLExtrdFont.cpp.

References FTFont::err, FTFace::Error(), FTFont::face, and FTFace::Glyph().

    FT_GlyphSlot ftGlyph = face.Glyph( glyphIndex, FT_LOAD_NO_HINTING);

    if( ftGlyph)
        FTExtrdGlyph* tempGlyph = new FTExtrdGlyph( ftGlyph, depth);
        return tempGlyph;

    err = face.Error();
    return NULL;

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