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DSPContext Struct Reference

#include <dsputil.h>

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 152 of file dsputil.h.

Public Attributes

void(* add_8x8basis )(int16_t rem[64], int16_t basis[64], int scale)
void(* add_bytes )(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src, int w)
void(* add_pixels4 )(uint8_t *pixels, DCTELEM *block, int line_size)
void(* add_pixels8 )(uint8_t *pixels, DCTELEM *block, int line_size)
void(* add_pixels_clamped )(const DCTELEM *block, uint8_t *pixels, int line_size)
h264_chroma_mc_func avg_h264_chroma_pixels_tab [3]
qpel_mc_func avg_h264_qpel_pixels_tab [4][16]
op_pixels_func avg_no_rnd_pixels_tab [4][4]
qpel_mc_func avg_no_rnd_qpel_pixels_tab [2][16]
op_pixels_func avg_pixels_tab [4][4]
qpel_mc_func avg_qpel_pixels_tab [2][16]
tpel_mc_func avg_tpel_pixels_tab [11]
me_cmp_func bit [5]
h264_biweight_func biweight_h264_pixels_tab [10]
void(* bswap_buf )(uint32_t *dst, uint32_t *src, int w)
void(* clear_blocks )(DCTELEM *blocks)
me_cmp_func dct264_sad [5]
me_cmp_func dct_max [5]
me_cmp_func dct_sad [5]
void(* diff_bytes )(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src1, uint8_t *src2, int w)
void(* diff_pixels )(DCTELEM *block, const uint8_t *s1, const uint8_t *s2, int stride)
void(* fdct )(DCTELEM *block)
void(* fdct248 )(DCTELEM *block)
me_cmp_func frame_skip_cmp [5]
void(* get_pixels )(DCTELEM *block, const uint8_t *pixels, int line_size)
void(* gmc )(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src, int stride, int h, int ox, int oy, int dxx, int dxy, int dyx, int dyy, int shift, int r, int width, int height)
void(* gmc1 )(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src, int srcStride, int h, int x16, int y16, int rounder)
void(* h261_loop_filter )(uint8_t *src, int stride)
void(* h263_h_loop_filter )(uint8_t *src, int stride, int qscale)
void(* h263_v_loop_filter )(uint8_t *src, int stride, int qscale)
void(* h264_h_loop_filter_chroma )(uint8_t *pix, int stride, int alpha, int beta, int8_t *tc0)
void(* h264_h_loop_filter_chroma_intra )(uint8_t *pix, int stride, int alpha, int beta)
void(* h264_h_loop_filter_luma )(uint8_t *pix, int stride, int alpha, int beta, int8_t *tc0)
void(* h264_idct8_add )(uint8_t *dst, DCTELEM *block, int stride)
void(* h264_idct8_dc_add )(uint8_t *dst, DCTELEM *block, int stride)
void(* h264_idct_add )(uint8_t *dst, DCTELEM *block, int stride)
void(* h264_idct_dc_add )(uint8_t *dst, DCTELEM *block, int stride)
void(* h264_v_loop_filter_chroma )(uint8_t *pix, int stride, int alpha, int beta, int8_t *tc0)
void(* h264_v_loop_filter_chroma_intra )(uint8_t *pix, int stride, int alpha, int beta)
void(* h264_v_loop_filter_luma )(uint8_t *pix, int stride, int alpha, int beta, int8_t *tc0)
me_cmp_func hadamard8_diff [5]
void(* horizontal_compose97i )(DWTELEM *b, int width)
void(* idct )(DCTELEM *block)
void(* idct_add )(uint8_t *dest, int line_size, DCTELEM *block)
uint8_t idct_permutation [64]
int idct_permutation_type
void(* idct_put )(uint8_t *dest, int line_size, DCTELEM *block)
me_cmp_func ildct_cmp [5]
void(* inner_add_yblock )(uint8_t *obmc, const int obmc_stride, uint8_t **block, int b_w, int b_h, int src_x, int src_y, int src_stride, slice_buffer *sb, int add, uint8_t *dst8)
me_cmp_func mb_cmp [5]
me_cmp_func me_cmp [5]
me_cmp_func me_pre_cmp [5]
me_cmp_func me_sub_cmp [5]
me_cmp_func nsse [5]
me_cmp_func pix_abs [2][4]
int(* pix_norm1 )(uint8_t *pix, int line_size)
int(* pix_sum )(uint8_t *pix, int line_size)
void(* prefetch )(void *mem, int stride, int h)
h264_chroma_mc_func put_h264_chroma_pixels_tab [3]
qpel_mc_func put_h264_qpel_pixels_tab [4][16]
qpel_mc_func put_mspel_pixels_tab [8]
void(* put_no_rnd_pixels_l2 [2])(uint8_t *block, const uint8_t *a, const uint8_t *b, int line_size, int h)
op_pixels_func put_no_rnd_pixels_tab [4][4]
qpel_mc_func put_no_rnd_qpel_pixels_tab [2][16]
void(* put_pixels_clamped )(const DCTELEM *block, uint8_t *pixels, int line_size)
op_pixels_func put_pixels_tab [4][4]
qpel_mc_func put_qpel_pixels_tab [2][16]
void(* put_signed_pixels_clamped )(const DCTELEM *block, uint8_t *pixels, int line_size)
tpel_mc_func put_tpel_pixels_tab [11]
me_cmp_func quant_psnr [5]
me_cmp_func rd [5]
me_cmp_func sad [5]
void(* shrink [4])(uint8_t *dst, int dst_wrap, const uint8_t *src, int src_wrap, int width, int height)
me_cmp_func sse [5]
void(* sub_hfyu_median_prediction )(uint8_t *dst, uint8_t *src1, uint8_t *src2, int w, int *left, int *left_top)
int(* try_8x8basis )(int16_t rem[64], int16_t weight[64], int16_t basis[64], int scale)
void(* vertical_compose97i )(DWTELEM *b0, DWTELEM *b1, DWTELEM *b2, DWTELEM *b3, DWTELEM *b4, DWTELEM *b5, int width)
me_cmp_func vsad [5]
me_cmp_func vsse [5]
me_cmp_func w53 [5]
me_cmp_func w97 [5]
h264_weight_func weight_h264_pixels_tab [10]

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