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VC9Context Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

The VC9 Context Change size wherever another size is more efficient Many members are only used for Advanced Profile

Definition at line 197 of file vc9.c.

Public Attributes

int16_t bfraction
 Relative position % anchors=> how to scale MVs.
int buffer_fullness
 HRD info.
VLC * cbpcy_vlc
 CBPCY VLC table.
BitPlane direct_mb_plane
 bitplane for "direct" MBs
uint8_t halfpq
 Uniform quant over image and qp+.5.
BitPlane mv_type_mb_plane
 bitplane for mv_type == (4MV)
uint8_t mvrange
uint8_t pquantizer
 Uniform (over sequence) quantizer in use.
uint8_t * previous_line_cbpcy
 To use for predicted CBPCY.
uint8_t respic
 Frame-level flag for resized images.
MpegEncContext s
BitPlane skip_mb_plane
 bitplane for skipped MBs
int tt_index
 Index for Transform Type tables.
uint8_t ttblk4x4
 Value of ttblk which indicates a 4x4 transform.
int ttfrm
 Transform type info present at frame level.
int ttmb
 Transform type.
uint8_t ttmbf
 Transform type flag.
uint8_t altpq
 Current/alternate frame quantizer scale.
uint8_t dqbilevel
uint8_t dqprofile
uint8_t dqsbedge
uint8_t dquantfrm
int k_x
 Number of bits for MVs (depends on MV range).
int k_y
 Number of bits for MVs (depends on MV range).
uint8_t mv_mode
 MV coding monde.
uint8_t mv_mode2
 Secondary MV coding mode (B frames).
uint8_t pq
int bitrtq_postproc
 5bits, quantized framerate-based postprocessing strength
int dquant
 How qscale varies with MBs, 2bits (not in Simple).
int extended_mv
 Ext MV in P/B (not in Simple).
int fastuvmc
 Rounding of qpel vector to hpel ? (not in Simple).
int finterpflag
 INTERPFRM present.
int frmrtq_postproc
int overlap
 overlapped transforms in use
int profile
 2bits, Profile
int quantizer_mode
 2bits, quantizer mode used for sequence, see QUANT_*
int vstransform
 variable-size [48]x[48] transform type + info
int c_ac_table_index
 Chroma index from ACFRM element.
int y_ac_table_index
 Luma index from AC2FRM element.
uint8_t interpfrm
uint8_t rangeredfrm
 out_sample = CLIP((in_sample-128)*2+128)
uint8_t lumscale
uint8_t lumshift
int multires
 frame-level RESPIC syntax element present
int rangered
int res_fasttx
 reserved, always 1
int res_rtm_flag
 reserved, set to 1
int res_sm
 reserved, 2b
int res_transtab
 reserved, always 0
int res_x8
int reserved

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