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static int av_interleave_packet ( AVFormatContext *  s,
AVPacket *  out,
AVPacket *  in,
int  flush 
) [static]

Interleaves a AVPacket correctly so it can be muxed.

out the interleaved packet will be output here
in the input packet
flush 1 if no further packets are available as input and all remaining packets should be output
1 if a packet was output, 0 if no packet could be output, < 0 if an error occured

Definition at line 2488 of file utils.c.

References av_interleave_packet_per_dts().

Referenced by av_interleaved_write_frame(), and av_write_trailer().

        return s->oformat->interleave_packet(s, out, in, flush);
        return av_interleave_packet_per_dts(s, out, in, flush);

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