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static int standard_decode_picture_secondary_header ( VC9Context v  )  [static]

Frame header decoding, secondary part

v VC9 context
To call once all MB arrays are allocated

Definition at line 1547 of file vc9.c.

References B_TYPE, BI_TYPE, VC9Context::c_ac_table_index, MpegEncContext::dc_table_index, decode_b_picture_secondary_header(), decode_p_picture_secondary_header(), FRAME_SKIPPED, MpegEncContext::gb, I_TYPE, P_TYPE, MpegEncContext::pict_type, VC9Context::s, and VC9Context::y_ac_table_index.

Referenced by vc9_decode_frame().

    GetBitContext *gb = &v->s.gb;
    int status = 0;

    switch (v->s.pict_type)
    case P_TYPE: status = decode_p_picture_secondary_header(v); break;
    case B_TYPE: status = decode_b_picture_secondary_header(v); break;
    case BI_TYPE:
    case I_TYPE: break; //Nothing needed as it's done in the epilog
    if (status < 0) return FRAME_SKIPPED;

    /* AC Syntax */
    v->c_ac_table_index = decode012(gb);
    if (v->s.pict_type == I_TYPE || v->s.pict_type == BI_TYPE)
        v->y_ac_table_index = decode012(gb);
    /* DC Syntax */
    v->s.dc_table_index = decode012(gb);

    return 0;

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