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FTTextureGlyph Class Reference

#include <FTTextureGlyph.h>

Inheritance diagram for FTTextureGlyph:


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Detailed Description

FTTextureGlyph is a specialisation of FTGlyph for creating texture glyphs.

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Definition at line 20 of file FTTextureGlyph.h.

Public Member Functions

float Advance () const
const FTBBoxBBox () const
FT_Error Error () const
 FTTextureGlyph (FT_GlyphSlot glyph, int id, int xOffset, int yOffset, GLsizei width, GLsizei height)
virtual float Render (const FTPoint &pen)
virtual ~FTTextureGlyph ()

Protected Attributes

float advance
FTBBox bBox
FT_Error err

Private Attributes

GLint activeTextureID
int destHeight
int destWidth
int glTextureID
FTPoint pos
FTPoint uv [2]

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