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FTPoint FTGlyphContainer::Render ( const unsigned int  characterCode,
const unsigned int  nextCharacterCode,
FTPoint  penPosition 

Renders a character

characterCode the glyph to be Rendered
nextCharacterCode the next glyph in the string. Used for kerning.
penPosition the position to Render the glyph
The distance to advance the pen position after Rendering

Definition at line 75 of file FTGlyphContainer.cpp.

References charMap, FTFace::Error(), face, glyphs, FTFace::KernAdvance(), and FTPoint::x.

Referenced by FTFont::DoRender().

    FTPoint kernAdvance;
    float advance = 0;
    unsigned int left = charMap->FontIndex( characterCode);
    unsigned int right = charMap->FontIndex( nextCharacterCode);

    kernAdvance = face->KernAdvance( left, right);
    if( !face->Error())
        advance = glyphs[charMap->GlyphListIndex( characterCode)]->Render( penPosition);
    kernAdvance.x = advance + kernAdvance.x;
//  kernAdvance.y = advance.y + kernAdvance.y;
    return kernAdvance;

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