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FTGlyph Class Reference

#include <FTGlyph.h>

Inheritance diagram for FTGlyph:

FTBitmapGlyph FTBufferGlyph FTExtrdGlyph FTOutlineGlyph FTPixmapGlyph FTPolyGlyph FTTextureGlyph

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Detailed Description

FTGlyph is the base class for FTGL glyphs.

It provides the interface between Freetype glyphs and their openGL renderable counterparts. This is an abstract class and derived classes must implement the render function.

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Definition at line 25 of file FTGlyph.h.

Public Member Functions

float Advance () const
const FTBBoxBBox () const
FT_Error Error () const
 FTGlyph (FT_GlyphSlot glyph)
virtual float Render (const FTPoint &pen)=0
virtual ~FTGlyph ()

Protected Attributes

float advance
FTBBox bBox
FT_Error err

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