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PersistentManifold Class Reference

#include <PersistentManifold.h>

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Detailed Description

PersistentManifold maintains contact points, and reduces them to 4.

Definition at line 38 of file PersistentManifold.h.

Public Member Functions

void AddManifoldPoint (const ManifoldPoint &newPoint)
void ClearManifold ()
void ClearUserCache (ManifoldPoint &pt)
const void * GetBody0 () const
void * GetBody0 ()
const void * GetBody1 () const
void * GetBody1 ()
int GetCacheEntry (const ManifoldPoint &newPoint) const
float GetContactBreakingTreshold () const
 todo: get this margin from the current physics / collision environment
ManifoldPointGetContactPoint (int index)
const ManifoldPointGetContactPoint (int index) const
int GetNumContacts () const
 PersistentManifold (void *body0, void *body1)
void RefreshContactPoints (const SimdTransform &trA, const SimdTransform &trB)
 calculated new worldspace coordinates and depth, and reject points that exceed the collision margin
void RemoveContactPoint (int index)
void ReplaceContactPoint (const ManifoldPoint &newPoint, int insertIndex)
void SetBodies (void *body0, void *body1)
bool ValidContactDistance (const ManifoldPoint &pt) const

Public Attributes

int m_index1

Private Member Functions

int FindContactPoint (const ManifoldPoint *unUsed, int numUnused, const ManifoldPoint &pt)
int SortCachedPoints (const ManifoldPoint &pt)
 sort cached points so most isolated points come first

Private Attributes

void * m_body0
void * m_body1
int m_cachedPoints
ManifoldPoint m_pointCache [MANIFOLD_CACHE_SIZE]

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