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 * Copyright (c) 2005 Erwin Coumans http://continuousphysics.com/Bullet/
 * Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute and sell this software
 * and its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without fee,
 * provided that the above copyright notice appear in all copies.
 * Erwin Coumans makes no representations about the suitability 
 * of this software for any purpose.  
 * It is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.

#include "Dynamics/RigidBody.h"
#include "ConstraintSolver/TypedConstraint.h"

struct MassProps;
#include "WheelInfo.h"

struct      VehicleRaycaster;
class VehicleTuning;

///Raycast vehicle, very special constraint that turn a rigidbody into a vehicle.
00024 class RaycastVehicle : public TypedConstraint
      class VehicleTuning

                  float m_suspensionStiffness;
                  float m_suspensionCompression;
                  float m_suspensionDamping;
                  float m_maxSuspensionTravelCm;
                  float m_frictionSlip;


      SimdScalar  m_tau;
      SimdScalar  m_damping;
      VehicleRaycaster* m_vehicleRaycaster;
      float       m_pitchControl;
      float m_steeringValue; 
      float m_currentVehicleSpeedKmHour;

      RigidBody* m_chassisBody;

      int m_indexRightAxis;
      int m_indexUpAxis;
      int   m_indexForwardAxis;

      void DefaultInit(const VehicleTuning& tuning);


      //constructor to create a car from an existing rigidbody
      RaycastVehicle(const VehicleTuning& tuning,RigidBody* chassis,    VehicleRaycaster* raycaster );

      virtual ~RaycastVehicle() ;


      SimdScalar Raycast(WheelInfo& wheel);

      virtual void UpdateVehicle(SimdScalar step);

      void ResetSuspension();

      SimdScalar  GetSteeringValue(int wheel) const;

      void  SetSteeringValue(SimdScalar steering,int wheel);

      void  ApplyEngineForce(SimdScalar force, int wheel);

      const SimdTransform&    GetWheelTransformWS( int wheelIndex ) const;

      void  UpdateWheelTransform( int wheelIndex );
      void  SetRaycastWheelInfo( int wheelIndex , bool isInContact, const SimdVector3& hitPoint, const SimdVector3& hitNormal,SimdScalar depth);

      WheelInfo&  AddWheel( const SimdVector3& connectionPointCS0, const SimdVector3& wheelDirectionCS0,const SimdVector3& wheelAxleCS,SimdScalar suspensionRestLength,SimdScalar wheelRadius,const VehicleTuning& tuning, bool isFrontWheel);

      inline int        GetNumWheels() const {
            return m_wheelInfo.size();
      std::vector<WheelInfo>  m_wheelInfo;

      const WheelInfo&  GetWheelInfo(int index) const;

      WheelInfo&  GetWheelInfo(int index);

      void  UpdateWheelTransformsWS(WheelInfo& wheel );

      void SetBrake(float brake,int wheelIndex);

      void  SetPitchControl(float pitch)
            m_pitchControl = pitch;
      void  UpdateSuspension(SimdScalar deltaTime);

      void  UpdateFriction(SimdScalar     timeStep);

      inline RigidBody* GetRigidBody()
            return m_chassisBody;

      const RigidBody* GetRigidBody() const
            return m_chassisBody;

      inline int  GetRightAxis() const
            return m_indexRightAxis;
      inline int GetUpAxis() const
            return m_indexUpAxis;

      inline int GetForwardAxis() const
            return m_indexForwardAxis;

      virtual void      BuildJacobian()
            //not yet

      virtual     void  SolveConstraint(SimdScalar    timeStep)
            //not yet



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