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MpegEncContext Struct Reference

#include <mpegvideo.h>

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 264 of file mpegvideo.h.

Public Member Functions

 DECLARE_ALIGNED_8 (ScanTable, intra_scantable)

Public Attributes

int ac_esc_length
 num of bits needed to encode the longest esc
int ac_pred
int(* ac_stats )[2][MAX_LEVEL+1][MAX_RUN+1][2]
int16_t(*[3] ac_val )[16]
 used for for mpeg4 AC prediction, all 3 arrays must be continuous
int16_t(* ac_val_base )[16]
int adaptive_quant
 use adaptive quantization
unsigned int allocated_bitstream_buffer_size
uint8_t * allocated_edge_emu_buffer
int alt_inter_vlc
 alternative inter vlc
int alternate_scan
int aspect_ratio_info
struct AVCodecContextavctx
int b4_stride
 4*mb_width+1 used for some 4x4 block arrays to allow simple addressing
int b8_stride
 2*mb_width+1 used for some 8x8 block arrays to allow simple addressing
int16_t(* b_back_mv_table )[2]
 MV table (1MV per MB) backward mode b-frame encoding.
int16_t(* b_back_mv_table_base )[2]
int16_t(* b_bidir_back_mv_table )[2]
 MV table (1MV per MB) bidir mode b-frame encoding.
int16_t(* b_bidir_back_mv_table_base )[2]
int16_t(* b_bidir_forw_mv_table )[2]
 MV table (1MV per MB) bidir mode b-frame encoding.
int16_t(* b_bidir_forw_mv_table_base )[2]
int b_code
 backward MV resolution for B Frames (mpeg4)
int b_count
int16_t(* b_direct_mv_table )[2]
 MV table (1MV per MB) direct mode b-frame encoding.
int16_t(* b_direct_mv_table_base )[2]
int16_t(*[2][2][2] b_field_mv_table )[2]
 MV table (4MV per MB) interlaced b-frame encoding.
int16_t(*[2][2][2] b_field_mv_table_base )[2]
uint8_t *[2][2] b_field_select_table
int16_t(* b_forw_mv_table )[2]
 MV table (1MV per MB) forward mode b-frame encoding.
int16_t(* b_forw_mv_table_base )[2]
int b_frames_since_non_b
 used for encoding, relative to not yet reordered input
uint8_t * b_scratchpad
 scratchpad used for writing into write only buffers
int bit_rate
 wanted bit rate
uint8_t * bitstream_buffer
int bitstream_buffer_size
DCTELEM(* block )[64]
 points to one of the following blocks
int block_index [6]
 index to current MB in block based arrays with edges
int block_last_index [12]
 last non zero coefficient in block
int block_wrap [6]
DCTELEM(* blocks )[8][64]
int broken_link
int c_dc_scale
const uint8_t * c_dc_scale_table
 qscale -> c_dc_scale table
uint8_t * cbp_table
 used to store cbp, ac_pred for partitioned decoding
int chroma_420_type
uint8_t * chroma_dc_vlc_length
int chroma_elim_threshold
int chroma_format
uint16_t chroma_inter_matrix [64]
uint16_t chroma_intra_matrix [64]
int chroma_qscale
 chroma QP
const uint8_t * chroma_qscale_table
 qscale -> chroma_qscale (h263)
int chroma_x_shift
int chroma_y_shift
enum CodecID codec_id
uint8_t * coded_block
 used for coded block pattern prediction (msmpeg4v3, wmv1)
uint8_t * coded_block_base
int coded_picture_number
 used to set pic->coded_picture_number, shouldnt be used for/by anything else
int coded_score [8]
int concealment_motion_vectors
int context_initialized
Picture current_picture
 buffer to store the decompressed current picture
 pointer to the current picture
int custom_pcf
int data_partitioning
 data partitioning flag from header
int16_t dc_cache [4 *5]
int dc_table_index
int16_t * dc_val [3]
 used for mpeg4 DC prediction, all 3 arrays must be continuous
int16_t * dc_val_base
int dct_count [2]
int(* dct_error_sum )[64]
uint16_t(* dct_offset )[64]
int(* dct_quantize )(struct MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM *block, int n, int qscale, int *overflow)
void(* dct_unquantize_h261_inter )(struct MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM *block, int n, int qscale)
void(* dct_unquantize_h261_intra )(struct MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM *block, int n, int qscale)
void(* dct_unquantize_h263_inter )(struct MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM *block, int n, int qscale)
void(* dct_unquantize_h263_intra )(struct MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM *block, int n, int qscale)
void(* dct_unquantize_inter )(struct MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM *block, int n, int qscale)
void(* dct_unquantize_intra )(struct MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM *block, int n, int qscale)
void(* dct_unquantize_mpeg1_inter )(struct MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM *block, int n, int qscale)
void(* dct_unquantize_mpeg1_intra )(struct MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM *block, int n, int qscale)
void(* dct_unquantize_mpeg2_inter )(struct MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM *block, int n, int qscale)
void(* dct_unquantize_mpeg2_intra )(struct MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM *block, int n, int qscale)
int decode
 if 0 then decoding will be skipped (for encoding b frames for example)
int(* decode_mb )(struct MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM block[6][64])
void(* denoise_dct )(struct MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM *block)
uint8_t * dest [3]
int16_t direct_scale_mv [2][64]
 precomputed to avoid divisions in ff_mpeg4_set_direct_mv
int divx_build
int divx_packed
int divx_version
int dquant
 qscale difference to prev qscale
int dropable
DSPContext dsp
 pointers for accelerated dsp functions
uint8_t * edge_emu_buffer
 points into the middle of allocated_edge_emu_buffer
int encoding
 true if we are encoding (vs decoding)
int end_mb_y
 end mb_y of this thread (so current thread should process start_mb_y <= row < end_mb_y)
int enhancement_type
int error_count
int error_resilience
uint8_t * error_status_table
 table of the error status of each MB
int esc3_level_length
int esc3_run_length
int f_code
 forward MV resolution
int f_count
int(* fast_dct_quantize )(struct MpegEncContext *s, DCTELEM *block, int n, int qscale, int *overflow)
uint8_t * fcode_tab
 smallest fcode needed for each MV
int field_select [2][2]
int first_field
 is 1 for the first field of a field picture 0 otherwise
int first_slice
int first_slice_line
 used in mpeg4 too to handle resync markers
int fixed_qscale
 fixed qscale if non zero
int flags
 AVCodecContext.flags (HQ, MV4, ...).
int flags2
int flipflop_rounding
int frame_bits
 bits used for the current frame
int frame_pred_frame_dct
int frame_rate_index
int full_pel [2]
GetBitContext gb
int gob_index
int gop_picture_number
 index of the first picture of a GOP based on fake_pic_num & mpeg1 specific
int gop_size
int h263_aic
 Advanded INTRA Coding (AIC).
int h263_aic_dir
 AIC direction: 0 = left, 1 = top.
int h263_flv
 use flv h263 header
int h263_long_vectors
 use horrible h263v1 long vector mode
int h263_msmpeg4
 generate MSMPEG4 compatible stream (deprecated, use msmpeg4_version instead)
int h263_plus
 h263 plus headers
int h263_pred
 use mpeg4/h263 ac/dc predictions
int h263_slice_structured
int h_edge_pos
int header_bits
int height
 picture size. must be a multiple of 16
int hierachy_type
int hurry_up
int i_count
int i_tex_bits
Picture ** input_picture
 next pictures on display order for encoding
int input_picture_number
 used to set pic->display_picture_number, shouldnt be used for/by anything else
uint8_t * inter_ac_vlc_last_length
uint8_t * inter_ac_vlc_length
int inter_intra_pred
uint16_t inter_matrix [64]
int inter_quant_bias
 bias for the quantizer
ScanTable inter_scantable
 if inter == intra then intra should be used to reduce tha cache usage
int interlaced_dct
uint8_t * intra_ac_vlc_last_length
uint8_t * intra_ac_vlc_length
int intra_dc_precision
int intra_dc_threshold
 QP above whch the ac VLC should be used for intra dc.
ScanTable intra_h_scantable
uint16_t intra_matrix [64]
int intra_only
 if true, only intra pictures are generated
int intra_quant_bias
 bias for the quantizer
ScanTable intra_v_scantable
int intra_vlc_format
int lambda
 lagrange multipler used in rate distortion
int lambda2
 (lambda*lambda) >> FF_LAMBDA_SHIFT
int * lambda_table
int last_bits
 temp var used for calculating the above vars
int last_dc [3]
 last DC values for MPEG1
int last_lambda_for [5]
 last lambda for a specific pict type
int last_mv [2][2][2]
 last MV, used for MV prediction in MPEG1 & B-frame MPEG4
int last_mv_dir
 last mv_dir, used for b frame encoding
int last_non_b_pict_type
 used for mpeg4 gmc b-frames & ratecontrol
int64_t last_non_b_time
int last_pict_type
Picture last_picture
 pointer to the previous picture.
GetBitContext last_resync_gb
 used to search for the next resync marker
int last_time_base
int lavc_build
int linesize
 line size, in bytes, may be different from width
int loop_filter
int low_delay
 no reordering needed / has no b-frames
int low_latency_sprite
uint8_t * luma_dc_vlc_length
int luma_elim_threshold
int max_b_frames
 max number of b-frames for encoding
int max_qcoeff
 maximum encodable coefficient
int mb_height
 number of MBs horizontally & vertically
int * mb_index2xy
 mb_index -> mb_x + mb_y*mb_stride
int mb_intra
int mb_num
 number of MBs of a picture
int mb_num_left
 number of MBs left in this video packet (for partitioned Slices only)
int mb_skip_run
int mb_skipped
 MUST BE SET only during DECODING.
int mb_stride
 mb_width+1 used for some arrays to allow simple addressing of left & top MBs without sig11
uint16_t * mb_type
 Table for candidate MB types for encoding.
int mb_width
int mb_x
int mb_y
uint8_t * mbintra_table
 used to avoid setting {ac, dc, cbp}-pred stuff to zero on inter MB decoding
uint8_t * mbskip_table
int mcsel
MotionEstContext me
int me_method
 ME algorithm.
int min_qcoeff
 minimum encodable coefficient
int misc_bits
 cbp, mb_type
struct MJpegContext * mjpeg_ctx
int mjpeg_data_only_frames
 frames only with SOI, SOS and EOI markers
int mjpeg_hsample [3]
 horizontal sampling factors, default = {2, 1, 1}
int mjpeg_vsample [3]
 vertical sampling factors, default = {2, 1, 1}
int mjpeg_write_tables
 do we want to have quantisation- and huffmantables in the jpeg file ?
int modified_quant
int mpeg_f_code [2][2]
int mpeg_quant
int msmpeg4_version
 0=not msmpeg4, 1=mp41, 2=mp42, 3=mp43/divx3 4=wmv1/7 5=wmv2/8
int mspel
int mv [2][4][2]
int mv_bits
int mv_dir
int mv_table_index
int mv_type
Picture new_picture
int new_pred
int next_p_frame_damaged
 set if the next p frame is damaged, to avoid showing trashed b frames
Picture next_picture
 pointer to the next picture (for bidir pred)
int no_rounding
int num_sprite_warping_points
int obmc
 overlapped block motion compensation
uint8_t * obmc_scratchpad
void * opaque
 private data for the user
enum OutputFormat out_format
 output format
int16_t(*[2][2] p_field_mv_table )[2]
 MV table (2MV per MB) interlaced p-frame encoding.
int16_t(*[2][2] p_field_mv_table_base )[2]
uint8_t *[2] p_field_select_table
int16_t(* p_mv_table )[2]
 MV table (1MV per MB) p-frame encoding.
int16_t(* p_mv_table_base )[2]
int p_tex_bits
int padding_bug_score
 used to detect the VERY common padding bug in MPEG4
ParseContext parse_context
int partitioned_frame
 is current frame partitioned
PutBitContext pb
PutBitContext pb2
 used for data partitioned VOPs
uint16_t pb_field_time
 like above, just for interlaced
uint16_t pb_time
 time distance between the last b and p,s,i frame
short * pblocks [12]
int per_mb_rl_table
int pict_type
 main picture buffer
int picture_in_gop_number
 0-> first pic in gop, ...
int picture_number
int picture_structure
uint16_t pp_field_time
uint16_t pp_time
 time distance between the last 2 p,s,i frames
uint8_t * pred_dir_table
 used to store pred_dir for partitioned decoding
uint8_t * prev_pict_types
 previous picture types in bitstream order, used for mb skip
int progressive_frame
int progressive_sequence
uint8_t * ptr_lastgob
int(* q_inter_matrix )[64]
uint16_t(* q_inter_matrix16 )[2][64]
int(* q_intra_matrix )[64]
uint16_t(* q_intra_matrix16 )[2][64]
int q_scale_type
int qscale
int quant_precision
int quarter_sample
 1->qpel, 0->half pel ME/MC
RateControlContext rc_context
 contains stuff only accessed in ratecontrol.c
uint8_t * rd_scratchpad
 scratchpad for rate distortion mb decision
int real_sprite_warping_points
int reduced_res_vop
Picture ** reordered_input_picture
 pointer to the next pictures in codedorder for encoding
int repeat_first_field
int resync_marker
 could this stream contain resync markers
int resync_mb_x
 x position of last resync marker
int resync_mb_y
 y position of last resync marker
int rl_chroma_table_index
int rl_table_index
int rtp_mode
int rv10_first_dc_coded [3]
int rv10_version
 RV10 version: 0 or 3.
int rvlc
 reversible vlc
int scalability
int shape
int skip_count
int slice_height
 in macroblocks
int sprite_brightness_change
int sprite_delta [2][2]
 sprite_delta [isY][isMVY]
int sprite_height
int sprite_left
int sprite_offset [2][2]
 sprite offset[isChroma][isMVY]
int sprite_shift [2]
 sprite shift [isChroma]
int sprite_top
int sprite_warping_accuracy
int sprite_width
int start_mb_y
 start mb_y of this thread (so current thread should process start_mb_y <= row < end_mb_y)
int strict_std_compliance
 strictly follow the std (MPEG4, ...)
int swap_uv
int t_frame
 time distance of first I -> B, used for interlaced b frames
PutBitContext tex_pb
 used for data partitioned VOPs
struct MpegEncContextthread_context [MAX_THREADS]
int64_t time
 time of current frame
int time_base
 time in seconds of last I,P,S Frame
int time_increment_bits
 number of bits to represent the fractional part of time
int top_field_first
int64_t total_bits
int umvplus
 == H263+ && unrestricted_mv
int unrestricted_mv
 mv can point outside of the coded picture
int use_intra_dc_vlc
int use_skip_mb_code
int64_t user_specified_pts
 last non zero pts from AVFrame which was passed into avcodec_encode_video()
int uvlinesize
 line size, for chroma in bytes, may be different from width
int v_edge_pos
 horizontal / vertical position of the right/bottom edge (pixel replication)
uint8_t * vbv_delay_ptr
 pointer to vbv_delay in the bitstream
uint8_t * visualization_buffer [3]
int vo_type
int vol_control_parameters
 does the stream contain the low_delay flag, used to workaround buggy encoders
int vol_sprite_usage
int64_t wanted_bits
int width
int workaround_bugs
 workaround bugs in encoders which cannot be detected automatically
int xvid_build
int y_dc_scale
const uint8_t * y_dc_scale_table
 qscale -> y_dc_scale table

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