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#include <vector>
#include <SimdPoint3.h>
#include <SimdTransform.h>

class CollisionShape;
struct MassProps;
typedef SimdScalar dMatrix3[4*3];

extern float gLinearAirDamping;
extern bool gUseEpa;

#define MAX_RIGIDBODIES 1024

/// RigidBody class for RigidBody Dynamics
00020 class RigidBody  {

      RigidBody(const MassProps& massProps,SimdScalar linearDamping,SimdScalar angularDamping,SimdScalar friction,SimdScalar restitution);

      void              proceedToTransform(const SimdTransform& newTrans); 
      bool              mergesSimulationIslands() const;
      /// continuous collision detection needs prediction
      void              predictIntegratedTransform(SimdScalar step, SimdTransform& predictedTransform) const;
      void              applyForces(SimdScalar step);
      void              setGravity(const SimdVector3& acceleration);  
      void              setDamping(SimdScalar lin_damping, SimdScalar ang_damping);
      CollisionShape*   GetCollisionShape() { return m_collisionShape; }
      void              setMassProps(SimdScalar mass, const SimdVector3& inertia);
      SimdScalar        getInvMass() const { return m_inverseMass; }
      const SimdMatrix3x3& getInvInertiaTensorWorld() const { return m_invInertiaTensorWorld; }
      void              integrateVelocities(SimdScalar step);

      void              setCenterOfMassTransform(const SimdTransform& xform);

      void              applyCentralForce(const SimdVector3& force)
            m_totalForce += force;
      const SimdVector3& getInvInertiaDiagLocal()
            return m_invInertiaLocal;

      void  setInvInertiaDiagLocal(const SimdVector3& diagInvInertia)
            m_invInertiaLocal = diagInvInertia;

      void  applyTorque(const SimdVector3& torque)
            m_totalTorque += torque;
      void  applyForce(const SimdVector3& force, const SimdVector3& rel_pos) 
      void applyCentralImpulse(const SimdVector3& impulse)
            m_linearVelocity += impulse * m_inverseMass;
      void applyTorqueImpulse(const SimdVector3& torque)
            m_angularVelocity += m_invInertiaTensorWorld * torque;

      void applyImpulse(const SimdVector3& impulse, const SimdVector3& rel_pos) 
            if (m_inverseMass != 0.f)
      void clearForces() 
            m_totalForce.setValue(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);
            m_totalTorque.setValue(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f);
      void updateInertiaTensor();    
      const SimdPoint3&     getCenterOfMassPosition() const { return m_worldTransform.getOrigin(); }
      SimdQuaternion getOrientation() const;
      const SimdTransform&  getCenterOfMassTransform() const { return m_worldTransform; }
      const SimdVector3&   getLinearVelocity() const { return m_linearVelocity; }
      const SimdVector3&    getAngularVelocity() const { return m_angularVelocity; }

      void setLinearVelocity(const SimdVector3& lin_vel);
      void setAngularVelocity(const SimdVector3& ang_vel) { m_angularVelocity = ang_vel; }

      SimdVector3 getVelocityInLocalPoint(const SimdVector3& rel_pos) const
            return m_linearVelocity + m_angularVelocity.cross(rel_pos);

      void translate(const SimdVector3& v) 
            m_worldTransform.getOrigin() += v; 

      void  SetCollisionShape(CollisionShape* mink);

      void  getAabb(SimdVector3& aabbMin,SimdVector3& aabbMax) const;

      int   GetActivationState() const { return m_activationState1;}
      void SetActivationState(int newState);

      void  setRestitution(float rest)
            m_restitution = rest;
      float getRestitution() const
            return m_restitution;
      void  setFriction(float frict)
            m_friction = frict;
      float getFriction() const
            return m_friction;
      void  activate();

      SimdTransform     m_worldTransform;
      SimdMatrix3x3     m_invInertiaTensorWorld;
      SimdVector3       m_gravity;  
      SimdVector3       m_invInertiaLocal;
      SimdVector3       m_totalForce;
      SimdVector3       m_totalTorque;
//    SimdQuaternion    m_orn1;
      SimdVector3       m_linearVelocity;
      SimdVector3       m_angularVelocity;
      SimdScalar        m_linearDamping;
      SimdScalar        m_angularDamping;
      SimdScalar        m_inverseMass;

      SimdScalar        m_friction;
      SimdScalar        m_restitution;

      CollisionShape*   m_collisionShape;

      /// for ode solver-binding
00174       dMatrix3          m_R;//temp
      dMatrix3          m_I;
      dMatrix3          m_invI;
      int                     m_islandTag1;//temp
      int                     m_activationState1;//temp
      float             m_deactivationTime;

      int                     m_odeTag;
      float       m_padding[1024];
      SimdVector3       m_tacc;//temp
      SimdVector3       m_facc;
      SimdScalar        m_hitFraction; //time of impact calculation

      int   m_debugBodyId;


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