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 * Copyright (c) 2005 Erwin Coumans http://continuousphysics.com/Bullet/
 * Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute and sell this software
 * and its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without fee,
 * provided that the above copyright notice appear in all copies.
 * Erwin Coumans makes no representations about the suitability 
 * of this software for any purpose.  
 * It is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.

#ifndef VoronoiSimplexSolver_H
#define VoronoiSimplexSolver_H

#include "SimplexSolverInterface.h"


struct UsageBitfield{

      void reset()
            usedVertexA = false;
            usedVertexB = false;
            usedVertexC = false;
            usedVertexD = false;
      unsigned short usedVertexA    : 1;
      unsigned short usedVertexB    : 1;
      unsigned short usedVertexC    : 1;
      unsigned short usedVertexD    : 1;
      unsigned short unused1        : 1;
      unsigned short unused2        : 1;
      unsigned short unused3        : 1;
      unsigned short unused4        : 1;

struct      SubSimplexClosestResult
      SimdPoint3  m_closestPointOnSimplex;
      //MASK for m_usedVertices
      //stores the simplex vertex-usage, using the MASK, 
      // if m_usedVertices & MASK then the related vertex is used
      UsageBitfield     m_usedVertices;
      float m_barycentricCoords[4];
      bool m_degenerate;

      void  Reset()
            m_degenerate = false;
      bool  IsValid()
            bool valid = (m_barycentricCoords[0] >= 0.f) &&
                  (m_barycentricCoords[1] >= 0.f) &&
                  (m_barycentricCoords[2] >= 0.f) &&
                  (m_barycentricCoords[3] >= 0.f);

            return valid;
      void  SetBarycentricCoordinates(float a=0.f,float b=0.f,float c=0.f,float d=0.f)
            m_barycentricCoords[0] = a;
            m_barycentricCoords[1] = b;
            m_barycentricCoords[2] = c;
            m_barycentricCoords[3] = d;


/// VoronoiSimplexSolver is an implementation of the closest point distance algorithm from a 1-4 points simplex to the origin.
/// Can be used with GJK, as an alternative to Johnson distance algorithm.
00085 class VoronoiSimplexSolver
class VoronoiSimplexSolver : public SimplexSolverInterface

      int   m_numVertices;

      SimdVector3 m_simplexVectorW[VORONOI_SIMPLEX_MAX_VERTS];
      SimdPoint3  m_simplexPointsP[VORONOI_SIMPLEX_MAX_VERTS];
      SimdPoint3  m_simplexPointsQ[VORONOI_SIMPLEX_MAX_VERTS];


      SimdPoint3  m_cachedP1;
      SimdPoint3  m_cachedP2;
      SimdVector3 m_cachedV;
      SimdVector3 m_lastW;
      bool        m_cachedValidClosest;

      SubSimplexClosestResult m_cachedBC;

      bool  m_needsUpdate;
      void  removeVertex(int index);
      void  ReduceVertices (const UsageBitfield& usedVerts);
      bool  UpdateClosestVectorAndPoints();

      bool  ClosestPtPointTetrahedron(const SimdPoint3& p, const SimdPoint3& a, const SimdPoint3& b, const SimdPoint3& c, const SimdPoint3& d, SubSimplexClosestResult& finalResult);
      int         PointOutsideOfPlane(const SimdPoint3& p, const SimdPoint3& a, const SimdPoint3& b, const SimdPoint3& c, const SimdPoint3& d);
      bool  ClosestPtPointTriangle(const SimdPoint3& p, const SimdPoint3& a, const SimdPoint3& b, const SimdPoint3& c,SubSimplexClosestResult& result);


       void reset();

       void addVertex(const SimdVector3& w, const SimdPoint3& p, const SimdPoint3& q);

       bool closest(SimdVector3& v);

       SimdScalar maxVertex();

       bool fullSimplex() const
             return (m_numVertices == 4);

       int getSimplex(SimdPoint3 *pBuf, SimdPoint3 *qBuf, SimdVector3 *yBuf) const;

       bool inSimplex(const SimdVector3& w);
       void backup_closest(SimdVector3& v) ;

       bool emptySimplex() const ;

       void compute_points(SimdPoint3& p1, SimdPoint3& p2) ;

       int numVertices() const 
             return m_numVertices;


#endif //VoronoiSimplexSolver

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