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#include <stdio.h>

/* Subroutine */ int xerbla_(char *srname, int *info)
/*  -- LAPACK auxiliary routine (version 2.0) --   
       Univ. of Tennessee, Univ. of California Berkeley, NAG Ltd.,   
       Courant Institute, Argonne National Lab, and Rice University   
       September 30, 1994   


    XERBLA  is an error handler for the LAPACK routines.   
    It is called by an LAPACK routine if an input parameter has an   
    invalid value.  A message is printed and execution stops.   

    Installers may consider modifying the STOP statement in order to   
    call system-specific exception-handling facilities.   


    SRNAME  (input) CHARACTER*6   
            The name of the routine which called XERBLA.   

    INFO    (input) INT   
            The position of the invalid parameter in the parameter list   

            of the calling routine.   


    printf("** On entry to %6s, parameter number %2d had an illegal value\n",
            srname, *info);

/*     End of XERBLA */

    return 0;
} /* xerbla_ */

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