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SG_Callbacks Struct Reference

#include <SG_IObject.h>

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Detailed Description

SG_Callbacks hold 2 call backs to the outside world. The first is meant to be called when objects are replicated. And allows the outside world to syncronise external objects with replicated nodes and their children. The second is called when a node is detroyed and again is their for synconisation purposes These callbacks may both be NULL. The efficacy of this approach has not been proved some alternatives might be to perform all replication and destruction externally. To define a class interface rather than a simple function call back so that replication information can be transmitted from parent->child.

Definition at line 76 of file SG_IObject.h.

Public Member Functions

 SG_Callbacks (SG_ReplicationNewCallback repfunc, SG_DestructionNewCallback destructfunc, SG_UpdateTransformCallback updatefunc)

Public Attributes

SG_DestructionNewCallback m_destructionfunc
SG_ReplicationNewCallback m_replicafunc
SG_UpdateTransformCallback m_updatefunc

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