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GHOST_ModifierKeys Struct Reference

#include <GHOST_ModifierKeys.h>

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Detailed Description

Stores the state of modifier keys. Discriminates between left and right modifier keys.
Maarten Gribnau
May 17, 2001

Definition at line 47 of file GHOST_ModifierKeys.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void clear ()
virtual bool equals (const GHOST_ModifierKeys &keys) const
virtual bool get (GHOST_TModifierKeyMask mask) const
 GHOST_ModifierKeys ()
virtual void set (GHOST_TModifierKeyMask mask, bool down)

Static Public Member Functions

static GHOST_TKey getModifierKeyCode (GHOST_TModifierKeyMask mask)

Public Attributes

GHOST_TUns8 m_Command: 1
GHOST_TUns8 m_LeftAlt: 1
GHOST_TUns8 m_LeftControl: 1
GHOST_TUns8 m_LeftShift: 1
GHOST_TUns8 m_RightAlt: 1
GHOST_TUns8 m_RightControl: 1
GHOST_TUns8 m_RightShift: 1

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