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 * File name:           sp_ienv.c
 * History:             Modified from lapack routine ILAENV

#include "ssp_defs.h"
#include "util.h"

sp_ienv(int ispec)

    sp_ienv() is inquired to choose machine-dependent parameters for the
    local environment. See ISPEC for a description of the parameters.   

    This version provides a set of parameters which should give good,   
    but not optimal, performance on many of the currently available   
    computers.  Users are encouraged to modify this subroutine to set   
    the tuning parameters for their particular machine using the option   
    and problem size information in the arguments.   


    ISPEC   (input) int
            Specifies the parameter to be returned as the value of SP_IENV.   
            = 1: the panel size w; a panel consists of w consecutive
               columns of matrix A in the process of Gaussian elimination.
             The best value depends on machine's cache characters.
            = 2: the relaxation parameter relax; if the number of
               nodes (columns) in a subtree of the elimination tree is less
             than relax, this subtree is considered as one supernode,
             regardless of their row structures.
            = 3: the maximum size for a supernode;
          = 4: the minimum row dimension for 2-D blocking to be used;
          = 5: the minimum column dimension for 2-D blocking to be used;
          = 6: the estimated fills factor for L and U, compared with A;
   (SP_IENV) (output) int
            >= 0: the value of the parameter specified by ISPEC   
            < 0:  if SP_IENV = -k, the k-th argument had an illegal value. 
    int i;

    switch (ispec) {
      case 1: return (10);
      case 2: return (5);
      case 3: return (100);
      case 4: return (200);
      case 5: return (40);
        case 6: return (20);

    /* Invalid value for ISPEC */
    i = 1;
    xerbla_("sp_ienv", &i);
    return 0;

} /* sp_ienv_ */

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