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SumoPhysicsController Class Reference

#include <SumoPhysicsController.h>

Inheritance diagram for SumoPhysicsController:

PHY_IPhysicsController KX_SumoPhysicsController

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Detailed Description

Sumo Physics Controller, a special kind of a PhysicsController. A Physics Controller is a special kind of Scene Graph Transformation Controller. Each time the scene graph get's updated, the controller get's a chance in the 'Update' method to reflect changes.

Sumo uses the SOLID library for collision detection.

Definition at line 47 of file SumoPhysicsController.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void do_me ()
virtual void * getClientInfo ()
float getFriction ()
virtual void GetLinearVelocity (float &linvX, float &linvY, float &linvZ)
virtual float getMass ()
virtual void getReactionForce (float &forceX, float &forceY, float &forceZ)
float getRestitution ()
class SM_ObjectGetSumoObject ()
virtual void GetVelocity (const float posX, const float posY, const float posZ, float &linvX, float &linvY, float &linvZ)
void GetWorldOrientation (class MT_Matrix3x3 &mat)
void GetWorldPosition (MT_Point3 &pos)
void GetWorldScaling (MT_Vector3 &scale)
virtual void PostProcessReplica (class PHY_IMotionState *motionstate, class PHY_IPhysicsController *parentctrl)
virtual void setClientInfo (void *clientinfo)
virtual void setRigidBody (bool rigid)
virtual void SetSimulatedTime (float time)
void setSumoTransform (bool nondynaonly)
 SumoPhysicsController (class SM_Scene *sumoScene, class SM_Object *sumoObj, class PHY_IMotionState *motionstate, bool dyna)
virtual bool SynchronizeMotionStates (float time)
virtual void WriteDynamicsToMotionState ()
virtual void WriteMotionStateToDynamics (bool nondynaonly)
Physics Methods
virtual void ApplyForce (float forceX, float forceY, float forceZ, bool local)
virtual void applyImpulse (float attachX, float attachY, float attachZ, float impulseX, float impulseY, float impulseZ)
virtual void ApplyTorque (float torqueX, float torqueY, float torqueZ, bool local)
virtual void resolveCombinedVelocities (const MT_Vector3 &lin_vel, const MT_Vector3 &ang_vel)
virtual void RestoreDynamics ()
virtual void SetActive (bool active)
virtual void SetAngularVelocity (float ang_velX, float ang_velY, float ang_velZ, bool local)
virtual void SetLinearVelocity (float lin_velX, float lin_velY, float lin_velZ, bool local)
virtual void SuspendDynamics ()
Kinematic Methods.
virtual void getOrientation (float &quatImag0, float &quatImag1, float &quatImag2, float &quatReal)
virtual void RelativeRotate (const float drot[12], bool local)
virtual void RelativeTranslate (float dlocX, float dlocY, float dlocZ, bool local)
virtual void setOrientation (float quatImag0, float quatImag1, float quatImag2, float quatReal)
virtual void setPosition (float posX, float posY, float posZ)
virtual void setScaling (float scaleX, float scaleY, float scaleZ)

Private Attributes

bool m_bDyna
bool m_bFirstTime
bool m_bFullRigidBody
bool m_bKinematic
bool m_bPhantom
bool m_bPrevKinematic
void * m_clientInfo
bool m_firstTime
float m_friction
float m_lastTime
class PHY_IMotionStatem_MotionState
float m_restitution
class SM_Objectm_sumoObj
class SM_Scene * m_sumoScene
bool m_suspendDynamics

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