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SND_SoundObject Class Reference

#include <SND_SoundObject.h>

Inheritance diagram for SND_SoundObject:

SND_Object GEN_Link

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Detailed Description

SND_SoundObject is a class for api independent sounddata storage conected to an actuator

Definition at line 47 of file SND_SoundObject.h.

Public Member Functions

void AddRunning ()
void DeleteWhenFinished ()
unsigned int GetBuffer ()
MT_Scalar GetGain () const
int GetId () const
MT_Scalar GetLength () const
MT_Scalar GetLifeSpan () const
unsigned int GetLoopEnd () const
unsigned int GetLoopMode () const
unsigned int GetLoopStart () const
MT_Scalar GetMaxGain () const
MT_Scalar GetMinGain () const
GEN_LinkgetNext () const
const STR_StringGetObjectName ()
MT_Matrix3x3 GetOrientation () const
MT_Scalar GetPitch () const
int GetPlaystate () const
MT_Vector3 GetPosition () const
GEN_LinkgetPrev () const
MT_Scalar GetReferenceDistance () const
MT_Scalar GetRollOffFactor () const
const STR_StringGetSampleName ()
MT_Scalar GetTimestamp () const
MT_Vector3 GetVelocity () const
void InitRunning ()
void insertAfter (GEN_Link *link)
void insertBefore (GEN_Link *link)
bool Is3D () const
bool IsActive () const
bool isHead () const
bool IsHighPriority () const
bool IsLifeSpanOver (MT_Scalar curtime) const
bool IsModified () const
bool IsRunning () const
bool isTail () const
void PauseSound ()
void remove ()
void Set3D (bool threedee)
void SetActive (bool active)
void SetBuffer (unsigned int buffer)
void SetGain (MT_Scalar gain)
void SetHighPriority (bool priority)
void SetId (int id)
void SetLength (MT_Scalar length)
void SetLifeSpan ()
void SetLoopEnd (unsigned int loopend)
void SetLoopMode (unsigned int loopmode)
void SetLoopStart (unsigned int loopstart)
void SetMaxGain (MT_Scalar maxgain)
void SetMinGain (MT_Scalar mingain)
void SetModified (bool modified)
void SetObjectName (STR_String objectname)
void SetOrientation (const MT_Matrix3x3 &orient)
void SetPitch (MT_Scalar pitch)
void SetPlaystate (int playstate)
void SetPosition (const MT_Vector3 &pos)
void SetReferenceDistance (MT_Scalar distance)
void SetRollOffFactor (MT_Scalar rollofffactor)
void SetSampleName (STR_String samplename)
void SetTimeStamp (MT_Scalar timestamp)
void SetVelocity (const MT_Vector3 &vel)
void StartSound ()
void StopSound ()

Private Attributes

bool m_active
unsigned int m_buffer
MT_Scalar m_gain
bool m_highpriority
int m_id
bool m_is3d
MT_Scalar m_length
MT_Scalar m_lifespan
unsigned int m_loopend
unsigned int m_loopmode
unsigned int m_loopstart
MT_Scalar m_maxgain
MT_Scalar m_mingain
bool m_modified
STR_String m_objectname
MT_Matrix3x3 m_orientation
MT_Scalar m_pitch
int m_playstate
MT_Vector3 m_position
MT_Scalar m_referencedistance
MT_Scalar m_rollofffactor
unsigned int m_running
STR_String m_samplename
MT_Scalar m_timestamp
MT_Vector3 m_velocity

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