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Render::RenderData Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The RenderData object
  This object gives access to Scene rendering contexts in Blender.

Definition at line 84 of file Render.py.

Public Member Functions

def aspectRatioX
def aspectRatioY
def edgeAntiShift
def edgeIntensity
def enableBackbuf
def enableBorderRender
def enableCropping
def enableEnvironmentMap
def enableExtensions
def enableFieldRendering
def enableFieldTimeDisable
def enableGameFrameBars
def enableGameFrameExpose
def enableGameFrameStretch
def enableGammaCorrection
def enableGaussFilter
def enableGrayscale
def enableKey
def enableMotionBlur
def enableOddFieldFirst
def enableOversampling
def enablePanorama
def enablePremultiply
def enableRadiosityRender
def enableRayTracing
def enableRenderDaemon
def enableRGBAColor
def enableRGBColor
def enableSequencer
def enableSGICosmo
def enableShadow
def enableSky
def enableToonShading
def enableUnifiedRenderer
def enableYafrayGICache
def enableYafrayGIGradient
def enableYafrayGIPhotons
def enableYafrayGITunePhotons
def endFrame
def framesPerSec
def gammaLevel
def gaussFilterSize
def getBackbufPath
def getEdgeColor
def getFtypePath
def getGameFrameColor
def getRenderPath
def imageSizeX
def imageSizeY
def motionBlurLevel
def newMapValue
def oldMapValue
def partsX
def partsY
def play
def postProcessAdd
def postProcessGamma
def postProcessMultiply
def quality
def render
def renderAnim
def setBackbufPath
def setBorder
def setEdgeColor
def setFtypePath
def setGameFrameColor
def setImageType
def setOversamplingLevel
def setRenderer
def setRenderPath
def setRenderWinSize
def setYafrayGIMethod
def setYafrayGIQuality
def SGIMaxsize
def sizePreset
def startFrame
def yafrayExposure
def yafrayGamma
def yafrayGICDepth
def yafrayGIDepth
def yafrayGIPhotonCount
def yafrayGIPhotonMixCount
def yafrayGIPhotonRadius
def yafrayGIPixelsPerSample
def yafrayGIPower
def yafrayGIRefinement
def yafrayGIShadowQuality
def yafrayProcessorCount
def yafrayRayBias
def yafrayRayDepth

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