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Material::Material Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The Material object
 This object gives access to Materials in Blender.
@cvar name: Material's name.
@type mode: int
@cvar mode: Mode flags as an or'ed int value.  See the Modes dictionary keys
    and descriptions in L{Modes}.
@cvar rgbCol: Material's RGB color triplet.
@cvar specCol: Specular color rgb triplet.
@cvar mirCol: Mirror color rgb triplet.
@cvar R: Red component of L{rgbCol} - [0.0, 1.0].
@cvar G: Green component of L{rgbCol} - [0.0, 1.0].
@cvar B: Blue component of L{rgbCol} - [0.0, 1.0].
@cvar alpha: Alpha (translucency) component of the Material - [0.0, 1.0].
@cvar amb: Ambient factor - [0.0, 1.0].
@cvar emit: Emitting light intensity - [0.0, 1.0].
@cvar ref:  Reflectivity - [0.0, 1.0].
@cvar spec: Specularity - [0.0, 2.0].
@cvar specTransp: Specular transparency - [0.0, 1.0].
@cvar add: Glow factor - [0.0, 1.0].
@cvar zOffset: Artificial Z offset for faces - [0.0, 10.0].
@cvar haloSize: Dimension of the halo - [0.0, 100.0].
@cvar flareSize: Factor the flare is larger than the halo - [0.1, 25.0].
@cvar flareBoost: Flare's extra strength - [0.1, 10.0].
@cvar haloSeed: To use random values for ring dimension and line location -
   [0, 255].
@cvar flareSeed: Offset in the seed table - [0, 255].
@cvar subSize:  Dimension of subflares, dots and circles - [0.1, 25.0].
@cvar hard: Hardness of the specularity - [1, 255].
@cvar nFlares: Number of halo subflares - [1, 32].
@cvar nStars: Number of points on the halo stars - [3, 50].
@cvar nLines: Number of star shaped lines on each halo - [0, 250].
@cvar nRings: Number of halo rings - [0, 24].
@type ipo: Blender Ipo
@cvar ipo: This Material's ipo.
@cvar rayMirr: Amount mirror reflection for raytrace.
@cvar rayMirrDepth: Amount of inter-reflections calculated maximal.
@cvar fresnelDepth: Power of Fresnel for mirror reflection. 
@cvar fresnelDepthFac: Blending factor for Fresnel. 
@cvar IOR: Sets the angular index of refraction for raytrace. 
@cvar transDepth: Amount of refractions calculated maximal. 
@cvar fresnelTrans: Power of Fresnel for transparency.
@cvar fresnelTransFac: Blending factor for Fresnel.
@cvar specTrans: Makes specular areas opaque on transparent materials.
@warning: Most member variables assume values in some [Min, Max] interval.
 When trying to set them, the given parameter will be clamped to lie in
 that range: if val < Min, then val = Min, if val > Max, then val = Max.

Definition at line 81 of file Material.py.

Public Member Functions

def addScriptLink
def clearIpo
def clearScriptLinks
def clearTexture
def getAdd
def getAlpha
def getAmb
def getEmit
def getFlareBoost
def getFlareSeed
def getFlareSize
def getFresnelMirr
def getFresnelMirrFac
def getFresnelTrans
def getFresnelTransFac
def getHaloSeed
def getHaloSize
def getHardness
def getIOR
def getIpo
def getMirCol
def getMode
def getName
def getNFlares
def getNLines
def getNRings
def getNStars
def getRayMirr
def getRayMirrDepth
def getRef
def getRGBCol
def getScriptLinks
def getSpec
def getSpecCol
def getSpecTransp
def getSubSize
def getTextures
def getTransDepth
def getZOffset
def setAdd
def setAlpha
def setAmb
def setEmit
def setFlareBoost
def setFlareSeed
def setFlareSize
def setFresnelMirr
def setFresnelMirrFac
def setFresnelTrans
def setFresnelTransFac
def setHaloSeed
def setHaloSize
def setHardness
def setIOR
def setIpo
def setMirCol
def setMode
def setName
def setNFlares
def setNLines
def setNRings
def setNStars
def setRayMirr
def setRayMirrDepth
def setRef
def setRGBCol
def setSpec
def setSpecCol
def setSpecTransp
def setSubSize
def setTexture
def setTransDepth
def setZOffset

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