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KX_Camera::KX_Camera Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A Camera object.

@ivar INSIDE: see sphereInsideFrustum() and boxInsideFrustum()
@ivar INTERSECT: see sphereInsideFrustum() and boxInsideFrustum()
@ivar OUTSIDE: see sphereInsideFrustum() and boxInsideFrustum()

@ivar lens: The camera's lens value. 
@type lens: float
@ivar near: The camera's near clip distance. 
@type near: float
@ivar far: The camera's far clip distance.
@type far: float
@ivar perspective: True if this camera has a perspective transform. 

      If perspective is False, this camera has an orthographic transform.
      Note that the orthographic transform is faked by multiplying the lens attribute
      by 100.0 and translating the camera 100.0 along the z axis.
      This is the same as Blender.  If you want a true orthographic transform, see L{setProjectionMatrix}.
@type perspective: boolean
@ivar frustum_culling: True if this camera is frustum culling. 
@type frustum_culling: boolean
@ivar projection_matrix: This camera's 4x4 projection matrix.
@type projection_matrix: 4x4 Matrix [[float]]
@ivar modelview_matrix: This camera's 4x4 model view matrix. (read only)
                        Regenerated every frame from the camera's position and orientation.
@type modelview_matrix: 4x4 Matrix [[float]] 
@ivar camera_to_world: This camera's camera to world transform. (read only)
                       Regenerated every frame from the camera's position and orientation.
@type camera_to_world: 4x4 Matrix [[float]]
@ivar world_to_camera: This camera's world to camera transform. (read only)
                       Regenerated every frame from the camera's position and orientation.
                       This is camera_to_world inverted.
@type world_to_camera: 4x4 Matrix [[float]]

Definition at line 5 of file KX_Camera.py.

Public Types

enum  AllocationTYPE { STACKVALUE = 0, HEAPVALUE = 1 }

Public Member Functions

virtual int _delattr (const STR_String &attr)
virtual PyObject * _getattr (const STR_String &attr)
virtual PyObject * _repr (void)
virtual int _setattr (const STR_String &attr, PyObject *value)
void AddActuator (SCA_IActuator *act)
void AddController (SCA_IController *act)
void addLinearVelocity (const MT_Vector3 &lin_vel, bool local)
void AddMesh (RAS_MeshObject *mesh)
CValue * AddRef ()
void AddSensor (SCA_ISensor *act)
void ApplyForce (const MT_Vector3 &force, bool local)
void ApplyMovement (const MT_Vector3 &dloc, bool local)
void ApplyRotation (const MT_Vector3 &drot, bool local)
void ApplyTorque (const MT_Vector3 &torque, bool local)
def boxInsideFrustum
void Bucketize ()
CValue * Calc (VALUE_OPERATOR op, CValue *val)
CValue * CalcFinal (VALUE_DATA_TYPE dtype, VALUE_OPERATOR op, CValue *val)
virtual void ClearProperties ()
virtual void CloneProperties (CValue *replica)
virtual CValue * ConvertPythonToValue (PyObject *pyobj)
virtual PyObject * ConvertValueToPython ()
void Execute (const CAction &a)
SCA_IActuatorFindActuator (const STR_String &actuatorname)
SCA_IControllerFindController (const STR_String &controllername)
virtual CValue * FindIdentifier (const STR_String &identifiername)
SCA_ISensorFindSensor (const STR_String &sensorname)
SCA_ActuatorList & GetActuators ()
def getCameraToWorld
KX_ClientObjectInfogetClientInfo ()
SCA_ControllerList & GetControllers ()
bool GetIgnoreActivityCulling ()
MT_Vector3 GetLinearVelocity ()
RAS_MeshObjectGetMesh (int num) const
int GetMeshCount () const
STR_String GetName ()
float GetNumber ()
double * GetOpenGLMatrix ()
MT_CmMatrix4x4 * GetOpenGLMatrixPtr ()
KX_GameObjectGetParent ()
KX_IPhysicsControllerGetPhysicsController ()
def getProjectionMatrix
virtual CValue * GetProperty (int inIndex)
virtual CValue * GetProperty (const STR_String &inName)
virtual int GetPropertyCount ()
float GetPropertyNumber (const STR_String &inName, float defnumber)
STR_String GetPropertyText (const STR_String &inName, const STR_String &deftext="")
int GetRefCount ()
 Reference Counting.
virtual CValue * GetReplica ()
SCA_SensorList & GetSensors ()
const SG_NodeGetSGNode () const
SG_NodeGetSGNode ()
const STR_StringGetText ()
virtual double * GetVector3 (bool bGetTransformedVec=false)
bool GetVisible (void)
def getWorldToCamera
bool isA (const char *mytypename)
bool isA (PyTypeObject *T)
virtual bool IsAffected ()
virtual bool IsAnyPropertyModified ()
virtual bool IsCustomFlag1 ()
virtual bool IsCustomFlag2 ()
bool IsDynamic () const
bool IsError ()
virtual bool IsModified ()
bool IsReleaseRequested ()
virtual bool IsSelected ()
virtual bool IsVisible ()
 KX_PYMETHOD (CValue, GetName)
 KX_PYMETHOD (KX_GameObject, GetPhysicsId)
 KX_PYMETHOD (KX_GameObject, GetParent)
 KX_PYMETHOD (KX_GameObject, GetMesh)
 KX_PYMETHOD (KX_GameObject, ApplyImpulse)
 KX_PYMETHOD (KX_GameObject, DisableRigidBody)
 KX_PYMETHOD (KX_GameObject, EnableRigidBody)
 KX_PYMETHOD (KX_GameObject, RestoreDynamics)
 KX_PYMETHOD (KX_GameObject, SuspendDynamics)
 KX_PYMETHOD (KX_GameObject, SetVisible)
 KX_PYMETHOD (KX_GameObject, SetOrientation)
 KX_PYMETHOD (KX_GameObject, GetOrientation)
 KX_PYMETHOD (KX_GameObject, GetReactionForce)
 KX_PYMETHOD (KX_GameObject, GetMass)
 KX_PYMETHOD (KX_GameObject, GetVelocity)
 KX_PYMETHOD (KX_GameObject, GetLinearVelocity)
 KX_PYMETHOD (KX_GameObject, GetPosition)
void MarkVisible (void)
void MarkVisible (bool visible)
const MT_Matrix3x3NodeGetWorldOrientation () const
const MT_Point3NodeGetWorldPosition () const
const MT_Vector3NodeGetWorldScaling () const
void NodeSetLocalOrientation (const MT_Matrix3x3 &rot)
void NodeSetLocalPosition (const MT_Point3 &trans)
void NodeSetLocalScale (const MT_Vector3 &scale)
void NodeSetRelativeScale (const MT_Vector3 &scale)
void NodeUpdateGS (double time, bool bInitiator)
STR_String op2str (VALUE_OPERATOR op)
def pointInsideFrustum
virtual void ProcessReplica (KX_GameObject *replica)
PyObject * Py_isA (PyObject *args)
PyObject * PySetPosition (PyObject *self, PyObject *args, PyObject *kwds)
virtual int Release ()
virtual void Relink (GEN_Map< GEN_HashedPtr, void * > *map)
void RemoveMeshes ()
virtual bool RemoveProperty (const STR_String &inName)
void ReParentLogic ()
void ReplicaSetName (STR_String name)
void ResetDebugColor ()
void ResolveCombinedVelocities (const MT_Vector3 &lin_vel, const MT_Vector3 &ang_vel, bool lin_vel_local, bool ang_vel_local)
void Resume (void)
virtual void SetAffected (bool bAffected=true)
void setAngularVelocity (const MT_Vector3 &ang_vel, bool local)
virtual void SetColorOperator (VALUE_OPERATOR op)
void SetCurrentTime (float currentTime)
virtual void SetCustomFlag1 (bool bCustomFlag)
virtual void SetCustomFlag2 (bool bCustomFlag)
void SetDebugColor (unsigned int bgra)
void SetError (bool err)
void SetIgnoreActivityCulling (bool b)
void setLinearVelocity (const MT_Vector3 &lin_vel, bool local)
virtual void SetModified (bool bModified)
void SetName (STR_String name)
void SetObjectColor (const MT_Vector4 &rgbavec)
virtual void SetOwnerExpression (class CExpression *expr)
void SetPhysicsController (KX_IPhysicsController *physicscontroller)
def setProjectionMatrix
virtual void SetPropertiesModified (bool inModified)
virtual void SetProperty (const STR_String &name, CValue *ioProperty)
 Property Management.
void SetReleaseRequested (bool bReleaseRequested)
void SetSelected (bool bSelected)
void SetSGNode (SG_Node *node)
virtual void SetValue (CValue *newval)
void SetVisible (bool b)
void SpecialRelease ()
def sphereInsideFrustum
void Suspend (void)
void UpdateIPO (float curframetime, bool resurse, bool ipo_as_force, bool force_ipo_local)
void UpdateNonDynas ()
void UpdateTransform ()
double * ZeroVector ()

Static Public Member Functions

static PyObject * __getattr (PyObject *PyObj, char *attr)
static PyObject * __repr (PyObject *PyObj)
static int __setattr (PyObject *PyObj, char *attr, PyObject *value)
static void PyDestructor (PyObject *P)
static PyObject * sPy_isA (PyObject *self, PyObject *args, PyObject *kwd)
static PyObject * sPySetPosition (PyObject *self, PyObject *args, PyObject *kwds)
static void UpdateTransformFunc (SG_IObject *node, void *gameobj, void *scene)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void AddDataToReplica (CValue *replica)
virtual void DisableRefCount ()

Protected Attributes

SCA_ActuatorList m_actuators
bool m_bDyna
bool m_bSuspendDynamics
bool m_bUseObjectColor
bool m_bVisible
SCA_ControllerList m_controllers
bool m_ignore_activity_culling
std::vector< RAS_MeshObject * > m_meshes
STR_String m_name
MT_Vector4 m_objectColor
MT_CmMatrix4x4 m_OpenGL_4x4Matrix
SCA_SensorList m_sensors
bool m_suspended
STR_String m_text

Static Protected Attributes

static class MT_Point3 m_sDummy = MT_Point3(0,0,0)

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