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GHOST_IWindow Class Reference

#include <GHOST_IWindow.h>

Inheritance diagram for GHOST_IWindow:

GHOST_Window GHOST_WindowCarbon GHOST_WindowWin32 GHOST_WindowX11

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Detailed Description

Interface for GHOST windows.

You can create a window with the system's GHOST_ISystem::createWindow method.

See also:
There are two coordinate systems:
Maarten Gribnau
May 31, 2001

Definition at line 62 of file GHOST_IWindow.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual GHOST_TSuccess activateDrawingContext ()=0
virtual void clientToScreen (GHOST_TInt32 inX, GHOST_TInt32 inY, GHOST_TInt32 &outX, GHOST_TInt32 &outY) const =0
virtual void getClientBounds (GHOST_Rect &bounds) const =0
virtual GHOST_TStandardCursor getCursorShape () const =0
virtual bool getCursorVisibility () const =0
virtual GHOST_TDrawingContextType getDrawingContextType ()=0
virtual GHOST_TWindowState getState () const =0
virtual void getTitle (STR_String &title) const =0
virtual GHOST_TUserDataPtr getUserData () const =0
virtual bool getValid () const =0
virtual void getWindowBounds (GHOST_Rect &bounds) const =0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess invalidate ()=0
virtual void screenToClient (GHOST_TInt32 inX, GHOST_TInt32 inY, GHOST_TInt32 &outX, GHOST_TInt32 &outY) const =0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess setClientHeight (GHOST_TUns32 height)=0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess setClientSize (GHOST_TUns32 width, GHOST_TUns32 height)=0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess setClientWidth (GHOST_TUns32 width)=0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess setCursorShape (GHOST_TStandardCursor cursorShape)=0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess setCursorVisibility (bool visible)=0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess setCustomCursorShape (GHOST_TUns8 *bitmap, GHOST_TUns8 *mask, int sizex, int sizey, int hotX, int hotY, int fg_color, int bg_color)=0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess setCustomCursorShape (GHOST_TUns8 bitmap[16][2], GHOST_TUns8 mask[16][2], int hotX, int hotY)=0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess setDrawingContextType (GHOST_TDrawingContextType type)=0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess setOrder (GHOST_TWindowOrder order)=0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess setState (GHOST_TWindowState state)=0
virtual void setTitle (const STR_String &title)=0
virtual void setUserData (const GHOST_TUserDataPtr userData)=0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess swapBuffers ()=0
virtual ~GHOST_IWindow ()

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