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GHOST_ISystem Class Reference

#include <GHOST_ISystem.h>

Inheritance diagram for GHOST_ISystem:

GHOST_System GHOST_SystemCarbon GHOST_SystemWin32 GHOST_SystemX11

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Detailed Description

Interface for classes that provide access to the operating system. There should be only one system class in an application. Therefore, the routines to create and dispose the system are static. Provides:
  1. Time(r) management.
  2. Display/window management (windows are only created on the main display).
  3. Event management.
  4. Cursor shape management (no custom cursors for now).
  5. Access to the state of the mouse buttons and the keyboard.
  6. Menus for windows with events generated when they are accessed (this is work in progress).
    Maarten Gribnau
    May 30, 2001

Definition at line 136 of file GHOST_ISystem.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual GHOST_TSuccess addEventConsumer (GHOST_IEventConsumer *consumer)=0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess beginFullScreen (const GHOST_DisplaySetting &setting, GHOST_IWindow **window, const bool stereoVisual)=0
virtual GHOST_IWindowcreateWindow (const STR_String &title, GHOST_TInt32 left, GHOST_TInt32 top, GHOST_TUns32 width, GHOST_TUns32 height, GHOST_TWindowState state, GHOST_TDrawingContextType type, const bool stereoVisual)=0
virtual bool dispatchEvents ()=0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess disposeWindow (GHOST_IWindow *window)=0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess endFullScreen (void)=0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess getButtonState (GHOST_TButtonMask mask, bool &isDown) const =0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess getCursorPosition (GHOST_TInt32 &x, GHOST_TInt32 &y) const =0
virtual bool getFullScreen (void)=0
virtual void getMainDisplayDimensions (GHOST_TUns32 &width, GHOST_TUns32 &height) const =0
virtual GHOST_TUns64 getMilliSeconds () const =0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess getModifierKeyState (GHOST_TModifierKeyMask mask, bool &isDown) const =0
virtual GHOST_TUns8 getNumDisplays () const =0
virtual GHOST_ITimerTaskinstallTimer (GHOST_TUns64 delay, GHOST_TUns64 interval, GHOST_TimerProcPtr timerProc, GHOST_TUserDataPtr userData=0)=0
virtual bool processEvents (bool waitForEvent)=0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess removeTimer (GHOST_ITimerTask *timerTask)=0
virtual GHOST_TSuccess setCursorPosition (GHOST_TInt32 x, GHOST_TInt32 y) const =0
virtual bool validWindow (GHOST_IWindow *window)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static GHOST_TSuccess createSystem ()
static GHOST_TSuccess disposeSystem ()
static GHOST_ISystemgetSystem ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual GHOST_TSuccess exit ()=0
 GHOST_ISystem ()
virtual GHOST_TSuccess init ()=0
virtual ~GHOST_ISystem ()

Static Protected Attributes

static GHOST_ISystemm_system = 0

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