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Effect::Effect Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The Effect object
This object gives access to generic data from all effects in Blender.
Its attributes depend upon its type.
@cvar seed: (Particle effects) seed of the RNG.
@cvar nabla: (Particle effects) The nabla value .
@cvar sta: (Particle effects) start time of the effect.
@cvar end: (Particle effects) end time of the effect
@cvar lifetime: (Particle and Wave effects)lifetime of the effect
@cvar normfac: (Particle effects) normal strength of the particles (relatively to mesh).
@cvar obfac: (Particle effects)initial strength of the particles relatively to objects.
@cvar randfac: (Particle effects) initial random speed of the particles.
@cvar texfac: (Particle effects) initial speed of the particles caused by the texture.
@cvar randlife: (Particle effects) variability of the life of the particles.
@cvar vectsize: (Particle effects) size of vectors associated to the particles (if any).
@cvar totpart: (Particle effects) total number of particles.
@cvar force: (Particle effects) constant force applied to the parts.
@cvar mult: (Particle effects) probabilities of a particle having a child.
@cvar child: (Particle effects) number of children a particle may have.
@cvar mat: (Particle effects) materials used by the 4 generation particles.
@cvar defvec: (Particle effects)x, y and z axis of the force defined by the texture.
@cvar sfra: (Build effects)  starting frame of the build effect.
@cvar len: (Build effects)  length     of the build effect. 
@cvar timeoffs: (Wave effects)  time offset of the wave effect.  
@cvar damp: (Wave effects)    damp factor  of the wave effect.   
@cvar minfac: (Wave effects)   
@cvar speed: (Wave effects)  speed of the wave effect.    
@cvar narrow: (Wave effects)narrowness   of the wave effect.   
@cvar width: (Wave effects) width of the wave effect.  
@cvar height: (Wave effects)  height of the wave effect.    
@cvar startx: (Wave effects) x-position of the origin  of the wave effect.   
@cvar starty: (Wave effects) y-position of the origin  of the wave effect. 

Definition at line 59 of file Effect.py.

Public Member Functions

def getChild
def getDamp
def getDefvec
def getEnd
def getFlag
def getForce
def getHeight
def getLen
def getLife
def getLifetime
def getLifetime
def getMat
def getMinfac
def getMult
def getNabla
def getNarrow
def getNormfac
def getObfac
def getRandfac
def getRandlife
def getSeed
def getSfra
def getSpeed
def getSta
def getStartx
def getStarty
def getTexfac
def getTimeoffs
def getTotkey
def getTotpart
def getType
def getVectsize
def getWidth
def setChild
def setDamp
def setDefvec
def setEnd
def setFlag
def setForce
def setHeight
def setLen
def setLife
def setLifetime
def setLifetime
def setMat
def setMinfac
def setMult
def setNabla
def setNarrow
def setNormfac
def setObfac
def setRandfac
def setRandlife
def setSeed
def setSfra
def setSpeed
def setSta
def setStartx
def setStarty
def setTexfac
def setTimeoffs
def setTotkey
def setTotpart
def setType
def setVectsize
def setWidth

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