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 * $Id: stubs.c,v 1.19 2004/11/07 20:15:16 ton Exp $
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version. The Blender
 * Foundation also sells licenses for use in proprietary software under
 * the Blender License.  See http://www.blender.org/BL/ for information
 * about this.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
 * Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.
 * The Original Code is Copyright (C) 2001-2002 by NaN Holding BV.
 * All rights reserved.
 * The Original Code is: all of this file.
 * Contributor(s): none yet.
 * BKE_bad_level_calls function stubs

#include "BKE_bad_level_calls.h"
#include "BLI_blenlib.h"
#include "BPI_script.h"
#include "DNA_material_types.h"

#include <config.h>

int winqueue_break= 0;

char bprogname[1];

/* readfile.c */
      /* struct PluginSeq; */
void open_plugin_seq(struct PluginSeq *pis, char *seqname){}
      /* struct SpaceButs; */
void set_rects_butspace(struct SpaceButs *buts){}
      /* struct SpaceImaSel; */
void check_imasel_copy(struct SpaceImaSel *simasel){}
      /* struct ScrArea; */
void unlink_screen(struct bScreen *sc){}
void freeAllRad(void){}
void free_editText(void){}
void free_editArmature(void){}

void setscreen(struct bScreen *sc){}
void force_draw_all(int header){}
  /* otherwise the WHILE_SEQ doesn't work */
      /* struct Sequence; */

/* MAART: added "seqar = 0; totseq = 0" because the loader will crash without it. */ 
void build_seqar(struct ListBase *seqbase, struct Sequence  ***seqar, int *totseq)
      *seqar = 0;
      *totseq = 0;

/* blender.c */
void mainqenter (unsigned short event, short val){}

void BPY_do_pyscript(ID *id, short int event){}
void BPY_clear_script(Script *script){}
void BPY_free_compiled_text(struct Text *text){}

/* writefile.c */
      /* struct Oops; */
void free_oops(struct Oops *oops){}
void exit_posemode(int freedata){}
void error(char *str, ...){}

/* anim.c */
ListBase editNurb;

/* displist.c */
#include "DNA_world_types.h"  /* for render_types */
#include "render_types.h"
struct RE_Render R;

float Phong_Spec(float *n, float *l, float *v, int hard){return 0;}
float Blinn_Spec(float *n, float *l, float *v, float a, float b){return 0;}
float CookTorr_Spec(float *n, float *l, float *v, int hard){return 0;}
float Toon_Spec(float *n, float *l, float *v, float a, float b){return 0;}
float Toon_Diff(float *n, float *l, float *v, float a, float b){return 0;}
float OrenNayar_Diff(float *n, float *l, float *v, float a, float b){return 0;}
void add_to_diffuse(float *diff, ShadeInput *shi, float is, float r, float g, float b){}
void ramp_diffuse_result(float *diff, ShadeInput *shi){}
void do_specular_ramp(ShadeInput *shi, float is, float t, float *spec){}
void ramp_spec_result(float *specr, float *specg, float *specb, ShadeInput *shi){}

void waitcursor(int val){}
void allqueue(unsigned short event, short val){}
#define REDRAWVIEW3D    0x4010
Material defmaterial;

/* effect.c */
void    RE_jitterate1(float *jit1, float *jit2, int num, float rad1){}
void    RE_jitterate2(float *jit1, float *jit2, int num, float rad2){}

/* exotic.c */
void load_editMesh(void){}
void make_editMesh(void){}
void free_editMesh(struct EditMesh *em){}
void docentre_new(void){}
int saveover(char *str){ return 0;}

/* image.c */
#include "DNA_image_types.h"
void free_realtime_image(Image *ima){} // has to become a callback, opengl stuff
void RE_make_existing_file(char *name){} // from render, but these funcs should be moved anyway 

/* ipo.c */
void copy_view3d_lock(short val){}  // was a hack, to make scene layer ipo's possible

/* library.c */
void allspace(unsigned short event, short val){}
#define OOPS_TEST             2

/* mball.c */
ListBase editelems;

/* object.c */
void BPY_free_scriptlink(ScriptLink *slink){}
void BPY_copy_scriptlink(ScriptLink *scriptlink){}
float *give_cursor(void){ return 0;}  // become a callback or argument

/* packedFile.c */
short pupmenu(char *instr){ return 0;}  // will be general callback

/* sca.c */
#define LEFTMOUSE    0x001    // because of mouse sensor

/* scene.c */
#include "DNA_sequence_types.h"
void free_editing(struct Editing *ed){}   // scenes and sequences problem...
void BPY_do_all_scripts (short int event){}

/* IKsolver stubs */
#include "IK_solver.h"
extern int IK_LoadChain(IK_Chain_ExternPtr chain,IK_Segment_ExternPtr segments, int num_segs)
      return 0;

extern int IK_SolveChain(
      IK_Chain_ExternPtr chain,
      float goal[3],
      float tolerance,
      int max_iterations,
      float max_angle_change, 
      IK_Segment_ExternPtr output
      return 0;

extern void IK_FreeChain(IK_Chain_ExternPtr chain)

extern IK_Chain_ExternPtr IK_CreateChain(void)
      return 0;

/* exotic.c */
int BPY_call_importloader(char *name)
      return 0;

/* texture.c */
#define FLO 128
#define INT 96
      /* struct EnvMap; */
      /* struct Tex; */
float Ta, Tb, Tg, Tin, Tr;

void do_material_tex(ShadeInput *shi){}
void externtex(struct MTex *mtex, float *vec){}
void init_render_textures(void){}
void end_render_textures(void){}

void    RE_free_envmap(struct EnvMap *env){}      
struct EnvMap *RE_copy_envmap(struct EnvMap *env){ return env;}
void    RE_free_envmapdata(struct EnvMap *env){}

int     RE_envmaptex(struct Tex *tex, float *texvec, float *dxt, float *dyt){
   return 0;

void    RE_calc_R_ref(void){}
char texstr[20][12];    /* buttons.c */
Osa O;

/* editsca.c */
void make_unique_prop_names(char *str) {}

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