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int imb_get_anim_type ( char *  name  ) 

Defined in util.c

Definition at line 227 of file util.c.

References imb_get_anim_type(), IMB_ispic(), and ismovie().

Referenced by imb_get_anim_type(), and IMB_isanim().

      int type;
      struct stat st;

      if(UTIL_DEBUG) printf("in getanimtype: %s\n", name);

    if (ib_stat(name,&st) == -1) return(0);
    if (((st.st_mode) & S_IFMT) != S_IFREG) return(0);
      if (isavi(name)) return (ANIM_AVI);

      if (ismovie(name)) return (ANIM_MOVIE);
      if (isqtime(name)) return (ANIM_QTIME);
      type = IMB_ispic(name);
      if (type == ANIM) return (ANIM_ANIM5);
      if (type) return(ANIM_SEQUENCE);

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