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IMB_imbuf.h File Reference

Detailed Description

IMage Buffer module.

This module offers import/export of several graphical file formats.

Definition in file IMB_imbuf.h.

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short addzbufImBuf (struct ImBuf *ibuf)
struct ImBufIMB_allocImBuf (short x, short y, unsigned char d, unsigned int flags, unsigned char bitmap)
int IMB_alpha_to_col0 (int new)
struct ImBufIMB_anim_absolute (struct anim *anim, int position)
int IMB_anim_get_duration (struct anim *anim)
struct ImBufIMB_anim_nextpic (struct anim *anim)
void IMB_antialias (struct ImBuf *ibuf)
void IMB_applycmap (struct ImBuf *ibuf)
void IMB_clever_double (struct ImBuf *ibuf)
void IMB_close_anim (struct anim *anim)
void IMB_convert_bgra_to_rgba (int size, unsigned int *rect)
void IMB_convert_rgba_to_abgr (int size, unsigned int *rect)
short IMB_converttocmap (struct ImBuf *ibuf)
void IMB_cspace (struct ImBuf *ibuf, float mat[][4])
void IMB_de_interlace (struct ImBuf *ibuf)
void IMB_dit0 (struct ImBuf *ibuf, short ofs, short bits)
void IMB_dit2 (struct ImBuf *ibuf, short ofs, short bits)
struct ImBufIMB_double_fast_x (struct ImBuf *ibuf1)
struct ImBufIMB_double_fast_y (struct ImBuf *ibuf1)
struct ImBufIMB_double_x (struct ImBuf *ibuf1)
struct ImBufIMB_double_y (struct ImBuf *ibuf1)
struct ImBufIMB_dupImBuf (struct ImBuf *ibuf1)
void IMB_filter (struct ImBuf *ibuf)
void IMB_filtery (struct ImBuf *ibuf)
void IMB_flipy (struct ImBuf *ibuf)
void IMB_free_anim (struct anim *anim)
void IMB_free_anim_ibuf (struct anim *anim)
void IMB_freecmapImBuf (struct ImBuf *ibuf)
void IMB_freeImBuf (struct ImBuf *ibuf)
void IMB_freeImBufdata (void)
void IMB_freezbufImBuf (struct ImBuf *ibuf)
void IMB_gamwarp (struct ImBuf *ibuf, double gamma)
int imb_get_anim_type (char *name)
struct ImBufIMB_half_x (struct ImBuf *ibuf1)
struct ImBufIMB_half_y (struct ImBuf *ibuf1)
struct ImBufIMB_halflace (struct ImBuf *ibuf1)
struct ImBufIMB_ibImageFromMemory (int *mem, int size, int flags)
void IMB_interlace (struct ImBuf *ibuf)
int IMB_isanim (char *name)
int IMB_ispic (char *name)
struct ImBufIMB_loadifffile (int file, int flags)
struct ImBufIMB_loadiffmem (int *mem, int flags)
struct ImBufIMB_loadiffname (char *naam, int flags)
struct ImBufIMB_onehalf (struct ImBuf *ibuf1)
struct ImBufIMB_onethird (struct ImBuf *ibuf1)
struct anim * IMB_open_anim (char *name, int ib_flags)
short IMB_png_encode (struct ImBuf *ibuf, int file, int flags)
void IMB_rectcpy (unsigned int *drect, unsigned int *srect, int x, int dummy)
void IMB_rectfill (unsigned int *drect, unsigned int *srect, int x, int value)
void IMB_rectop (struct ImBuf *dbuf, struct ImBuf *sbuf, int destx, int desty, int srcx, int srcy, int width, int height, void(*operation)(unsigned int *, unsigned int *, int, int), int value)
void IMB_rectoptot (struct ImBuf *dbuf, struct ImBuf *sbuf, void(*operation)(unsigned int *, unsigned int *, int, int), int value)
short IMB_saveiff (struct ImBuf *ibuf, char *naam, int flags)
struct ImBufIMB_scalefastfieldImBuf (struct ImBuf *ibuf, short newx, short newy)
struct ImBufIMB_scalefastImBuf (struct ImBuf *ibuf, short newx, short newy)
struct ImBufIMB_scalefieldImBuf (struct ImBuf *ibuf, short newx, short newy)
struct ImBufIMB_scaleImBuf (struct ImBuf *ibuf, short newx, short newy)
struct ImBufIMB_testiffname (char *naam, int flags)
int ismovie (char *name)


float rgb_to_bw [4][4]
int scalecmapY

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