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GHOST_TimerTaskHandle GHOST_InstallTimer ( GHOST_SystemHandle  systemhandle,
GHOST_TUns64  delay,
GHOST_TUns64  interval,
GHOST_TimerProcPtr  timerProc,
GHOST_TUserDataPtr  userData 

Installs a timer. Note that, on most operating systems, messages need to be processed in order for the timer callbacks to be invoked.

systemhandle The handle to the system
delay The time to wait for the first call to the timerProc (in milliseconds)
interval The interval between calls to the timerProc (in milliseconds)
timerProc The callback invoked when the interval expires,
userData Placeholder for user data.
A timer task (0 if timer task installation failed).

Definition at line 99 of file GHOST_C-api.cpp.

References GHOST_InstallTimer(), and GHOST_ISystem::installTimer().

Referenced by GHOST_InstallTimer().

      GHOST_ISystem* system = (GHOST_ISystem*) systemhandle;

      return (GHOST_TimerTaskHandle) system->installTimer(delay, interval, timerproc, userdata);

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