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GHOST_TSuccess GHOST_SetCustomCursorShapeEx ( GHOST_WindowHandle  windowhandle,
GHOST_TUns8 *  bitmap,
GHOST_TUns8 *  mask,
int  sizex,
int  sizey,
int  hotX,
int  hotY,
int  fg_color,
int  bg_color 

Set the shape of the cursor to a custom cursor of specified size.

windowhandle The handle to the window
bitmap The bitmap data for the cursor.
mask The mask data for the cursor. sizex, sizey The size of the cursor
hotX The X coordinate of the cursor hotspot.
hotY The Y coordinate of the cursor hotspot.
fg_color,bg_color Colors of the cursor
Indication of success.

Definition at line 292 of file GHOST_C-api.cpp.

References GHOST_SetCustomCursorShapeEx(), and GHOST_IWindow::setCustomCursorShape().

Referenced by GHOST_SetCustomCursorShapeEx().

      GHOST_IWindow* window = (GHOST_IWindow*) windowhandle;

      return window->setCustomCursorShape(bitmap, mask, sizex, sizey, 
                                                                        hotX, hotY, fg_color, bg_color);

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