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 * blenkernel/DNA_userdef_types.h (mar-2001 nzc)
 *    $Id: DNA_userdef_types.h,v 1.34 2004/09/23 20:52:50 ton Exp $
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version. The Blender
 * Foundation also sells licenses for use in proprietary software under
 * the Blender License.  See http://www.blender.org/BL/ for information
 * about this.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
 * Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.
 * The Original Code is Copyright (C) 2001-2002 by NaN Holding BV.
 * All rights reserved.
 * The Original Code is: all of this file.
 * Contributor(s): none yet.


/* themes; defines in BIF_resource.h */

// global, button colors

00042 typedef struct ThemeUI {
      char outline[4];
      char neutral[4];
      char action[4];
      char setting[4];
      char setting1[4];
      char setting2[4];
      char num[4];
      char textfield[4];
      char popup[4];
      char text[4];
      char text_hi[4];
      char menu_back[4];
      char menu_item[4];
      char menu_hilite[4];
      char menu_text[4];
      char menu_text_hi[4];

      char but_drawtype, pad;
      short pad1;
      int pad2;

} ThemeUI;

// try to put them all in one, if needed a special struct can be created as well
// for example later on, when we introduce wire colors for ob types or so...
typedef struct ThemeSpace {
      char back[4];
      char text[4];     
      char text_hi[4];
      char header[4];
      char panel[4];
      char shade1[4];
      char shade2[4];
      char hilite[4];
      char grid[4]; 
      char wire[4], select[4];
      char active[4], transform[4];
      char vertex[4], vertex_select[4];
      char edge[4], edge_select[4];
      char edge_seam[4], edge_facesel[4];
      char face[4], face_select[4]; // solid faces
      char face_dot[4]; // selected color
      char normal[4];
      char vertex_size, facedot_size;
      char pad1[2];
} ThemeSpace;

typedef struct bTheme {
      struct bTheme *next, *prev;
      char name[32];
      ThemeUI tui;
      ThemeSpace tbuts; 
      ThemeSpace tv3d;
      ThemeSpace tfile;
      ThemeSpace tipo;
      ThemeSpace tinfo; 
      ThemeSpace tsnd;
      ThemeSpace tact;
      ThemeSpace tnla;
      ThemeSpace tseq;
      ThemeSpace tima;
      ThemeSpace timasel;
      ThemeSpace text;
      ThemeSpace toops;
} bTheme;

typedef struct SolidLight {
      int flag, pad;
      float col[4], spec[4], vec[4];
} SolidLight;

typedef struct UserDef {
      short flag, dupflag;
      int savetime;
      char tempdir[160];      // FILE_MAXDIR length
      char fontdir[160];
      char renderdir[160];
      char textudir[160];
      char plugtexdir[160];
      char plugseqdir[160];
      char pythondir[160];
      char sounddir[160];
      /* yafray: temporary xml export directory */
      char yfexportdir[160];
      short versions, vrmlflag;     // tmp for export, will be replaced by strubi
      int gameflags;
      int wheellinescroll;
      short uiflag, language;
      short userpref, viewzoom;
      short console_buffer;   //console vars here for tuhopuu compat, --phase
      short console_out;
      int mixbufsize;
      int fontsize;
      short encoding;
      short transopts;
      short menuthreshold1, menuthreshold2;
      char fontname[256];           // FILE_MAXDIR+FILE length
      struct ListBase themes;
      short undosteps;
      short curssize;
      short tb_leftmouse, tb_rightmouse;
      struct SolidLight light[3];
} UserDef;

extern UserDef U; /* from usiblender.c !!!! */

/* ***************** USERDEF ****************** */

/* flag */
#define USER_AUTOSAVE               1
#define USER_AUTOGRABGRID           2
#define USER_AUTOROTGRID            4
#define USER_AUTOSIZEGRID           8
#define USER_SCENEGLOBAL            16
#define USER_TRACKBALL              32
#define USER_DUPLILINK              64
#define USER_FSCOLLUM               128
#define USER_MAT_ON_OB              256
#define USER_NO_CAPSLOCK            512
#define USER_VIEWMOVE               1024
#define USER_TOOLTIPS               2048
#define USER_TWOBUTTONMOUSE         4096
#define USER_NONUMPAD               8192
#define USER_LMOUSESELECT           16384

/* viewzom */
#define USER_ZOOM_CONT              0
#define USER_ZOOM_SCALE             1
#define USER_ZOOM_DOLLY             2

/* uiflag */

#define     USER_KEYINSERTACT       1
#define     USER_KEYINSERTOBJ       2
#define USER_WHEELZOOMDIR           4
#define USER_FILTERFILEEXTS         8
#define USER_DRAWVIEWINFO           16
#define USER_EVTTOCONSOLE           32          // print ghost events, here for tuhopuu compat. --phase
                                                // old flag for hide pulldown was here 
#define USER_FLIPFULLSCREEN         128
#define USER_ALLWINCODECS           256
#define USER_MENUOPENAUTO           512
#define USER_PANELPINNED            1024
#define USER_AUTOPERSP              2048
#define USER_LOCKAROUND       4096
#define USER_GLOBALUNDO       8192

/* transopts */

#define     USER_TR_TOOLTIPS        1
#define     USER_TR_BUTTONS               2
#define USER_TR_MENUS               4
#define USER_TR_FILESELECT          8
#define USER_TR_TEXTEDIT            16
#define USER_DOTRANSLATE            32

/* dupflag */

#define USER_DUP_MESH               1
#define USER_DUP_CURVE              2
#define USER_DUP_SURF               4
#define USER_DUP_FONT               8
#define USER_DUP_MBALL              16
#define USER_DUP_LAMP               32
#define USER_DUP_IPO                64
#define USER_DUP_MAT                128
#define USER_DUP_TEX                256
#define     USER_DUP_ARM                  512
#define     USER_DUP_ACT                  1024

/* gameflags */

#define USER_VERTEX_ARRAYS          1
#define USER_DISABLE_SOUND          2
#define USER_DISABLE_MIPMAP         4

/* vrml flag */

#define USER_VRML_LAYERS            1
#define USER_VRML_AUTOSCALE         2
#define USER_VRML_TWOSIDED          4


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