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 * blenlib/DNA_space_types.h (mar-2001 nzc)
 * $Id: DNA_space_types.h,v 1.24 2004/10/14 23:37:04 stiv Exp $ 
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version. The Blender
 * Foundation also sells licenses for use in proprietary software under
 * the Blender License.  See http://www.blender.org/BL/ for information
 * about this.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
 * Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.
 * The Original Code is Copyright (C) 2001-2002 by NaN Holding BV.
 * All rights reserved.
 * The Original Code is: all of this file.
 * Contributor(s): none yet.

#include "DNA_listBase.h"
#include "DNA_vec_types.h"
/* Hum ... Not really nice... but needed for spacebuts. */
#include "DNA_view2d_types.h"

struct Ipo;
struct ID;
struct Text;
struct Script;
struct ImBuf;
struct Image;
struct SpaceIpo;
struct BlendHandle;
struct TreeStore;

       * The base structure all the other spaces
       * are derived (implicitly) from. Would be
       * good to make this explicit.
typedef struct SpaceLink SpaceLink;
struct SpaceLink {
      SpaceLink *next, *prev;
      int spacetype;
      float blockscale;
      struct ScrArea *area;
      short blockhandler[8];

typedef struct SpaceInfo {
      SpaceLink *next, *prev;
      int spacetype;
      float blockscale;
      struct ScrArea *area;

      short blockhandler[8];
} SpaceInfo;

typedef struct SpaceIpo {
      SpaceLink *next, *prev;
      int spacetype;
      float blockscale;
      struct ScrArea *area;

      short blockhandler[8];
      unsigned int rowbut, pad2; 
      View2D v2d;
      void *editipo;
      ListBase ipokey;
      struct Ipo *ipo;
      struct ID *from;

      short totipo, pin;
      short butofs, channel;
      short showkey, blocktype;
      short menunr, lock;
      int flag;
      float median[3];
      rctf tot;
} SpaceIpo;

typedef struct SpaceButs {
      SpaceLink *next, *prev;
      int spacetype;
      float blockscale;
      struct ScrArea *area;

      short blockhandler[8];

      short cursens, curact;
      short align, tabo;            /* align for panels, tab is old tab */
      View2D v2d;
      short mainb, menunr;    /* texnr and menunr have to remain shorts */
      short pin, mainbo;      
      void *lockpoin;
      short texnr;
      char texfrom, showgroup;

      short rectx, recty;           /* preview render */
      unsigned int *rect;
      short cury, modeltype;

      short scriptblock;
      short scaflag;
      short re_align, pad1;
      int pad2;
      char texact, tab[7];    /* storing tabs for each context */
} SpaceButs;

typedef struct SpaceSeq {
      SpaceLink *next, *prev;
      int spacetype;
      float blockscale;
      struct ScrArea *area;

      short blockhandler[8];

      View2D v2d;
      short mainb, zoom;
      int pad2;
} SpaceSeq;

typedef struct SpaceFile {
      SpaceLink *next, *prev;
      int spacetype;
      float blockscale;
      struct ScrArea *area;
      short blockhandler[8];

      struct direntry *filelist;
      int totfile;
      char title[24];
      char dir[160];
      char file[80];
      short type, ofs, flag, sort;
      short maxnamelen, collums;
      struct BlendHandle *libfiledata;
      short retval, ipotype;
      short menu, act;

      /* changed type for compiling */
      /* void (*returnfunc)(short); ? used with char* ....*/
       * @attention Called in filesel.c: 
       * @attention returnfunc(this->retval) : short
       * @attention returnfunc(name)         : char*
       * @attention Other uses are limited to testing against
       * @attention the value. How do we resolve this? Two args?
       * @attention For now, keep the char*, as it seems stable.
       * @attention Be warned that strange behaviour _has_ been spotted!
      void (*returnfunc)(char*);
      short *menup;
} SpaceFile;

typedef struct SpaceOops {
      SpaceLink *next, *prev;
      int spacetype;
      float blockscale;
      struct ScrArea *area;

      short blockhandler[8];

      View2D v2d;
      ListBase oops;
      short pin, visiflag, flag, rt;
      void *lockpoin;
      ListBase tree;
      struct TreeStore *treestore;
      short type, outlinevis, storeflag;
      short pad1;
} SpaceOops;

typedef struct SpaceImage {
      SpaceLink *next, *prev;
      int spacetype;
      float blockscale;
      struct ScrArea *area;

      short blockhandler[8];

      View2D v2d;
      struct Image *image;
      float zoom;
      float pad2; /* padding is with 8 bytes aligned  */
      short mode, pin;
      short imanr, curtile;
      short xof, yof;
      short flag, lock;
} SpaceImage;

typedef struct SpaceNla{
      struct SpaceLink *next, *prev;
      int spacetype;
      float blockscale;
      struct ScrArea *area;

      short blockhandler[8];

      short menunr, lock;
      int pad;
      View2D v2d; 
} SpaceNla;

typedef struct SpaceText {
      SpaceLink *next, *prev;
      int spacetype;
      float blockscale;
      struct ScrArea *area;

      short blockhandler[8];

      struct Text *text;      

      int top, viewlines;
      short flags, menunr;
      int font_id;      
      int lheight;
      int left;
      int showlinenrs;
      int tabnumber;
      int currtab_set; 
      /* had to make my 64 bits some how */
      float pix_per_line;

      struct rcti txtscroll, txtbar;

} SpaceText;

typedef struct SpaceScript {
      SpaceLink *next, *prev;
      int spacetype;
      float blockscale;
      struct ScrArea *area;
      struct Script *script;

      int pad2;
      short flags, menunr;

} SpaceScript;

typedef struct OneSelectableIma {
      int   header;                                   
      int   ibuf_type;
      struct ImBuf *pict;                             
      struct OneSelectableIma *next;            
      struct OneSelectableIma *prev;            
      short  cmap, image, draw_me, rt;
      short  sx, sy, ex, ey, dw, dh;                        
      short  selectable, selected;        
      int   mtime, disksize;                    
      char   file_name[64];
      short  orgx, orgy, orgd, anim;            /* same as ibuf->x...*/
      char   dummy[4];                          /* 128 */

      char   pict_rect[3968];                   /* 4096   (RECT = 64 * 62) */
} OneSelectableIma;

typedef struct ImaDir {
      struct ImaDir *next, *prev;
      int  selected, hilite; 
      int  type,  size;
      int mtime;
      char name[100];
} ImaDir;

typedef struct SpaceImaSel {
      SpaceLink *next, *prev;
      int spacetype;
      float blockscale;
      struct ScrArea *area;
      char   title[28];
      int   fase; 
      short  mode, subfase;
      short  mouse_move_redraw, imafase;
      short  mx, my;
      short  dirsli, dirsli_lines;
      short  dirsli_sx, dirsli_ey , dirsli_ex, dirsli_h;
      short  imasli, fileselmenuitem;
      short  imasli_sx, imasli_ey , imasli_ex, imasli_h;
      short  dssx, dssy, dsex, dsey; 
      short  desx, desy, deex, deey; 
      short  fssx, fssy, fsex, fsey; 
      short  dsdh, fsdh; 
      short  fesx, fesy, feex, feey; 
      short  infsx, infsy, infex, infey; 
      short  dnsx, dnsy, dnw, dnh;
      short  fnsx, fnsy, fnw, fnh;

      char   fole[128], dor[128];
      char   file[128], dir[128];
      ImaDir *firstdir, *firstfile;
      int    topdir,  totaldirs,  hilite; 
      int    topfile, totalfiles;
      float  image_slider;
      float  slider_height;
      float  slider_space;
      short  topima,  totalima;
      short  curimax, curimay;
      OneSelectableIma *first_sel_ima;
      OneSelectableIma *hilite_ima;
      short  total_selected, ima_redraw;
      int pad2;
      struct ImBuf  *cmap;

      /* Also fucked. Needs to change so things compile, but breaks sdna
      * ... */    
/*    void (*returnfunc)(void); */
      void (*returnfunc)(char*);
      void *arg1;
} SpaceImaSel;

/* **************** SPACE ********************* */

/* view3d->flag */ /* Now in DNA_view3d_types.h */
#define V3D_DISPIMAGE         1
#define V3D_DISPBGPIC         2
#define V3D_SETUPBUTS         4
#define V3D_MODE              (16+32+64+128)
#define V3D_EDITMODE          16
#define V3D_VERTEXPAINT       32
#define V3D_FACESELECT        64
#define V3D_POSEMODE          128

/* view3d->around */ /* Now in DNA_view3d_types.h */
#define V3D_CENTRE            0
#define V3D_CENTROID    3
#define V3D_CURSOR            1
#define V3D_LOCAL       2

/* buts defines in BIF_butspace.h */

/* these values need to be hardcoded in blender.h SpaceFile: struct dna does not recognize defines */
#define FILE_MAXDIR                 160
#define FILE_MAXFILE          80

/* filesel types */
#define FILE_UNIX             8
#define FILE_BLENDER          8
#define FILE_SPECIAL          9

#define FILE_LOADLIB          1
#define FILE_MAIN             2

/* sfile->flag */
#define FILE_SHOWSHORT        1
#define FILE_STRINGCODE       2
#define FILE_LINK             4
#define FILE_HIDE_DOT         8
#define FILE_AUTOSELECT       16
#define FILE_ACTIVELAY        32
#define FILE_ATCURSOR         64

/* sfile->sort */
#define FILE_SORTALPHA        0
#define FILE_SORTDATE         1
#define FILE_SORTSIZE         2
#define FILE_SORTEXTENS       3

/* files in filesel list: 2=ACTIVE  */
#define HILITE                      1
#define BLENDERFILE                 4
#define PSXFILE                     8
#define IMAGEFILE             16
#define MOVIEFILE             32
#define PYSCRIPTFILE          64
#define FTFONTFILE                  128
#define SOUNDFILE             256

#define SCROLLH   16                /* height scrollbar */
#define SCROLLB   16                /* width scrollbar */

/* SpaceImage->mode */
#define SI_TEXTURE            0
#define SI_SHOW               1

/* SpaceImage->flag */
#define SI_BE_SQUARE    1
#define SI_EDITTILE           2
#define SI_CLIP_UV            4
#define SI_DRAWTOOL           8
#define SI_STICKYUVS    16
#define SI_DRAWSHADOW   32
#define SI_SELACTFACE   64
#define SI_NOPIXELSNAP  128
#define SI_LOCALSTICKY  256

/* SpaceText flags (moved from DNA_text_types.h) */

#define ST_SCROLL_SELECT        0x0001 // scrollable
#define ST_CLEAR_NAMESPACE      0x0010 // clear namespace after script
                                       // execution (see BPY_main.c)
/* SpaceOops->type */
#define SO_OOPS               0
#define SO_OUTLINER           1

/* SpaceOops->flag */
#define SO_TESTBLOCKS   1

/* SpaceOops->visiflag */
#define OOPS_SCE  1
#define OOPS_OB         2
#define OOPS_ME         4
#define OOPS_CU         8
#define OOPS_MB         16
#define OOPS_LT         32
#define OOPS_LA         64
#define OOPS_MA         128
#define OOPS_TE         256
#define OOPS_IP         512
#define OOPS_LAY  1024
#define OOPS_LI         2048
#define OOPS_IM         4096

/* SpaceOops->outlinevis */
#define SO_ALL_SCENES   0
#define SO_CUR_SCENE    1
#define SO_VISIBLE            2
#define SO_SELECTED           3
#define SO_ACTIVE       4
#define SO_SAME_TYPE    5

/* SpaceOops->storeflag */

/* headerbuttons: 450-499 */

#define B_IMASELHOME          451
#define B_IMASELREMOVEBIP     452

#define C_BACK  0xBAAAAA
#define C_DARK  0x665656
#define C_DERK  0x766666
#define C_HI      0xCBBBBB
#define C_LO      0x544444

/* queue settings */
#define IMS_KNOW_WIN        1
#define IMS_KNOW_BIP        2
#define IMS_KNOW_DIR        4
#define IMS_DOTHE_INF         8
#define IMS_KNOW_INF       16
#define IMS_DOTHE_IMA      32
#define IMS_KNOW_IMA       64
#define IMS_FOUND_BIP     128
#define IMS_DOTHE_BIP     256
#define IMS_WRITE_NO_BIP  512

/* imasel->mode */
#define IMS_NOIMA             0
#define IMS_IMA                     1
#define IMS_ANIM              2
#define IMS_DIR                     4
#define IMS_FILE              8
#define IMS_STRINGCODE        16

#define IMS_INDIR             1
#define IMS_INDIRSLI          2
#define IMS_INFILE                  3
#define IMS_INFILESLI         4


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